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The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


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Sarah Hole holds up a sign that says ‘I Have Anxiety’ to illustrate the number of students suffering from anxiety.

Is Anxiety Overlooked in the Educational System?

Sara Daniels, Staff Reporter May 8, 2019 defines anxiety as “distress or uneasiness of the mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune”. Many individuals struggle with anxiety. As an individual dealing with anxiety, it can...

Different Identities- Genders have multiplied in recent years; from two to twenty. All of which have their own pronouns and ways of identifying. “It gets confusing keeping up, but I do my best to respect everyone’s identifying pronouns,” sophomore Olivia Kunaschk said.

The Controversy over Gender Pronouns

Madison MacWatters May 3, 2019

In recent years a newfound conversation has been started by the LGBTQ+ community.  The issue of gender pronouns has become evident through many communities and showcased on mainstream media. With the...

A fan was placed in front of the used microwave to filter the smell of burnt plastic outside. Students evacuated the school during fourth period, and fan was placed in front of the microwave to disperse the smoke and odor.  “Our class was in the middle of a lesson when the alarm went off. Later I found out that someone microwaved food for too long,” senior Annalise Marie said.

LSHS Microwave Triggers Fire Alarm

Kayto Krueger, Staff Reporter May 2, 2019

On a late Monday morning during first lunch, the school’s fire alarm rang, giving students notice that they must evacuate the school. Students walked calmly towards the back lot to organize themselves...

Artwalk: Josie Chapman, Jerzee Metacam, Brenda Cole, Delani Paulie, Calli Canutson, and Olivia Whitney are the artists that painted the beautiful floral mural, a spectacle of colors and contrast giving a feeling and smell of summer. “I just got a group of my friends. We’re in the Sophomore Class. We got together and we decided to do flowers,” Josie Chapman said. With all the other murals and paintings by the artists this mural would definitely be worth stopping by to look at.

Do freelance artists aspire or inspire?

Harrison Orr, Staff Reporter November 26, 2018

Lake Stevens High School is currently under construction, and student life seems cramped and bleak. With the addition of plywood walls to keep the students safe from the construction, flexibility in terms...

Back To Space: Junior Kashan Hussain, pictured top row, fifth from right, stands with the rest of the Back to Space Ambassadors along with (left to right) the Back to Space founder Danielle Roosa, Apollo astronauts Walter Cunningham Apollo 7, Al Wordon Apollo 15, Charlie Duke Apollo 16, and President Michael Gordon, seated in the front row. “It was really cool getting to know everyone,” Hussain said.

Kashan Hussain wins elite position of student ambassador for Back To Space program

Maddy MacWatters, Staff Reporter November 26, 2018

Space has always been a vault full of unanswered questions that many people dedicate their lives to solving. The mysteries of space continuously intrigue kids and adults of all ages, including LSHS’...

Not Going With the Flow: These ten objects represent the ideas in the list. In the world outside, thousands of teenagers are either preparing for prom or preparing for an awesome night in. “I’m going to the movies,” junior Amirah Moodie said. There are many reasons to not go to prom, one being grade. “The fact that I’m only in eleventh grade it would like ruin the experience for when I try to go for senior year. It’s super expensive too,” she said.

Loser’s list of okay activities

Logan Smith, Arts and entertainment editor May 2, 2018

10.)  Create your own prom Create your own prom, just like in the movies! Except instead of a dance floor, you’ll probably be heading to McDonald’s. There you can eat cheap cuisine and meet the...

Going for the Gold:  From left to right: FCCLA gold medalists, junior Taylor Garcia, senior Emma Hoggatt, sophomores Courtnay Yelm and Harley Kayser, juniors Maleah Plank and Kylea Shepard, pose for a celebratory photo at the state conference in Kennewick, Washington. This group advanced to nationals this summer in Georgia. “[Competing] is really cool. It’s a good experience to have and you gain a lot of leadership experience, a lot of skills that you use when you are an adult. You learn how to communicate a lot,” Plank said.

FCCLA wins big at state

Sylvia Cohen, Staff reporter April 11, 2018

Members of the Lake Stevens FCCLA chapter traveled to Kennewick on March 7 to represent our school at the state level competition. Everyone who participated medaled, and six students earned the gold medal...

Social and Welcoming. Sra. Arcos and class Tiffany McAllister converse back and forth to help during an in-class activity. Throughout the class, students walked around and spoke with each other by asking questions and then filling out a chart  they were assigned. “Today we were learning how to have full-on conversations in Spanish, rather than just asking “how are you” and being done with it.” sophomore Dan Nguyen said.

Why is my hamburger a lady?

Sylvia Cohen, Staff reporter March 26, 2018

Seven out of the top ten most spoken languages in the world employ gendered nouns. If you’ve ever taken a foreign language class here at LSHS, you’re already familiar with the concept as all three...

Gender Sexuality Alliance paints faces and raises awareness

Gender Sexuality Alliance paints faces and raises awareness

Sylvia Cohen, Staff reporter March 12, 2018

  Club officers and sophomores Liv Hagan and Ky Winn work their booth in the cafeteria, talking to students about GSA and offering face painting. Hagan, the club president, is extremely passionate...

Welcome to class: Three Australian exchange students are brought to the attention of Mr. Flanders second period class. Madilyn Ridgeway, Reece Ryan and Konnor Furber were given the assignment of telling the American students about their lifestyle. In the back of the classroom, hosts Mitchell Hoffman and Sydney Peterson are chuckling watching their newfound friends struggle under the pressure. I have students who still are good friends and keep in contact with their Aussie, even three to four years ago,” Choir teacher Heidi Forslund said. “Some have even gone to Australia to visit and stay with their Aussie.

Host and Hostee

Lorin Wells, Opinion editor January 22, 2018

Sometimes from a high school student’s perspective, everything seems very localized. We hear about what goes on in Lake Stevens and occasionally get a snippet of information about something halfway across...

The perfect headspace: The Seattle based museum, MoPop, has a large screen televising the music videos to music’s greatest anthems. The mixing board is placed in front of the screen to control the musical composition of what can be heard in the miniature theatre. Many young artists and musicians come to the MoPop (formally known as the EMP) to gain inspiration. “Any person that you may meet could become the next musical genius,” sophomore Dallas Landeros said. 
“If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time,” world renowned musician Billy Joel said.

Faces in the Halls : Dallas Landeros & Mitchell Hoffman

Clara Langerveld, Photographer and staff reporter January 22, 2018

Music is an age-old art form. A universal language. Walk around the city, a school, even the grocery store, and one may spot someone wearing headphones. These people submerge themselves in the melodic...

Peaceful pillager

Peaceful pillager

Sylvia Cohen, Staff reporter January 22, 2018

Site of the upcoming Winter Olympics and neighbor to one of the world’s most frightening nuclear threats, the nation of South Korea is this month’s featured country. A quick history of South Korea:...