Talents to be known


Isaac Olson

Hidden talents shine across Lake Stevens High School. Here we have senior Hayden Furnari who can pop his tongue really loudly. We show people hidden talents that no one knows about. In May 2022 we held a choir fundraiser that showed people new skills that many didn’t know about. We also hope to show many things people wish to show to others. “Not a lot of people know unless you were in my kindergarten class,” Furnari said.

What is a hidden talent and who has one? Junior Abby Sauls and senior Hayden Furnari both have hidden talents that nobody would notice if they were to just walk by because their hidden talents are connected to their tongues.
Furnari can make his tongue pop down really fast to make a really loud pop noise. Sauls can make her tongue into a clover shape.

Sauls didn’t work hard to develop this ability.

“It just appeared, I was making my tongue into a hot dog then it folded into a clover shape,” Sauls said. 

Furnari discovered it and then practiced making the sound until he got it just right. 

“When I was in Kindergarten I was popping my tongue and it was really loud so I kept trying over and over until I got the hang of it,” Furnari said.

 Both Sauls and Furnari mentioned that not many people know about their talents. 

Many people in Lake Stevens High School have hidden talents. If you have a hidden talent and would like to be presented at LSHS Valhalla, you can contact me at [email protected] “Hidden Talents”.