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Making a comeback: Dead Poets Society Club almost got shut down, but they are working on spreading the word that this club offers a safe haven after school for students interested in literature and the arts. Dead Poet Society Club had a rough start to the 2018 year, but had worked to get their club out there and continues to work towards that goal. The club has offered students a place to go to write, read, draw, and go see plays. They based themselves around the literature theme with Senior Chantel Murphy leading it. “In order to just kind of let it out [through writing and art], because high school can be really stressful and being creative and writing it down on paper rather than punching something or someone is a lot more healthy,” Murphy stated.

Dead Poets Society: Reviving a Dying Club

Kassie Gruel, Photographer and staff reporter January 22, 2018

Dead Poets Society is a club inspired by the movie, Dead Poets Society, with Robin Williams, in which Williams plays a new English teacher by the name of John Keating who teaches at an all-boys preparatory...

Behind the scenes: Michele Thomas (left) and Lisa Riecks (right) work hard to feed the hungry students. They are always willing to help when you are low on money. “You will need money tomorrow or we can provide you with a courtesy lunch if you are short on money,” Riecks said.

Staff in the spotlight

Marin Nielsen, Staff Reporter & Design Editor January 19, 2018

With a high school this large and successful, there are a lot of staff members ensuring operations run smoothly behind the scenes. In the Main Office, Office Manager Joan Human keeps machines running,...

Give a Grinch a Break! The Grinch smiles up hopefully from a novelty dinner plate, imploring all those who see him to reconsider the anti-Grinch sentiment which runs rampant in this day and age. The term “Grinch” was first introduced by the legendary Dr. Seuss in 1955 and since then had been used liberally to refer to anyone who is less than jolly during the holiday season. “I think it was two years ago I was called “the Grinch” because I refused to get up early for [Christmas],” junior Journey Scott said.

Playing Grinch’s advocate

Sylvia Cohen, Staff reporter January 16, 2018

The Grinch is one of America’s most iconic villains, right up there with the Joker and Darth Vader. Every year millions cheer as his plot to steal Christmas is foiled and he is forced to repent his previous...

Sadie says

Sadie says

Sadie Malmevik , Photographer and staff reporter January 12, 2018

Lucas: How should I prioritize my studying, especially with finals coming up? Sadie: Studying for finals can be a total pain. Make sure to study for the finals you know are going to be the most difficult...

Feeding the community

Feeding the community

Audrey Kristofferson, Online editor November 28, 2017

Food for thought: This is only a portion of the food that our school collected from November 1 to November 17. Jason Billingsley's Leadership students visited classes to collect food daily and worked hard...

LSHS student left starstruck: Senior Cara Lewis receives honor of presenting her work to hometown celebrity, Chris Pratt. After winning local art contest, Lewis attended the opening ceremony of the Dan Pratt Memorial Center. “This guy pulled [my art] out for me to give it to [Chris Pratt] and he took it and he was like ‘you did that?! She did that?!’ and he held it up for everyone and he was like “she did that!’ and he was freaking out like a little kid, it was awesome,” Lewis says.

Faces In The Hall: Meet your fellow viking

Marin Nielsen, Staff Reporter & Design Editor November 28, 2017

  Here at LSHS, we have a large population of incredibly talented individuals whether that talent is musical, athletic or intellectual. Among those few is senior Cara Lewis, who has an affinity...

A person’s importance. A bracelet with the phrase “Jared Frick Forever” printed on the outside held in front of a wondrous sunset. The night of the Out of the Darkness walk, many gathered to witness the dusk ending the day. The wristband held in the photograph was a token of remembrance for the young man, Jared Frick, who ended his life earlier this year. “People who aren’t willing to be bold about it, can read. And then at least know what to do”, Penny Daniel said.

The importance of life

Clara Langerveld, Photographer and staff reporter October 24, 2017

Suicide. A terrifying word. The word holds such baggage on society and people living in it. Powerful, unapologetic and incredibly saddening. The distribution of pain from one person to another, creating...

A change of scenery: Eleanor Frumkin Marqvardsen did not expect to go to Washington for school. The foreign exchange program chose the state for her, and she was expecting to go to a place such as Michigan, minnesota or wisconsin as most other U.S. bound students go. “I’m used to living in a city,” She said. “Lake Stevens is a smaller town and there’s not as many people, but I actually really like it.”

Udenlandske studerende / Devisenschüler / Foreign Exchange Students

Lorin Wells, Opinion editor October 24, 2017

Traveling abroad to study in an entirely new way of living. From a new town and school, to a new home and even a new family! The foreign exchange program certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it...

Brainstorming fun ideas for the club. Sophomore, Jordan Jackson is taking notes as to what the members of the club what to do this year. The Minority Awareness Movement club was in the process of wanting to go to a museum in Seattle that glorifies the strong independent and inspirational people of color. “Learning about other people in history who are doing what we are trying to do now, makes this so much more worth it,” senior Ana Newman said.

Oh M.A.M, What a great club

Kani White, Photographer October 24, 2017

Diversity, a word that we tend to ignore here at the high school. With the size of  our school is, the amount of diversity we possess is outstanding. A great way to recognize diversity is a new club here,...

The Peaceful Pillager

The Peaceful Pillager

Sylvia Cohen, Staff reporter October 23, 2017

  What is The Peaceful Pillager? This year our school has adopted the motto “All In”, a phrase meant to express the unity and participation that we want to see this year at LSHS. So what’s...

Serving Food with a Smile: Aaron Moors awaits customers at the Lake Stevens Dairy 
Queen. Moors worked at the front counter happily serving others. “At my job  I clean 
machines and grills, prepare food and drinks, clean floors and do dishes at the end of the night,” Moors said.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Sadie Malmevik, Photographer and staff reporter October 18, 2017

Teens are very busy. Beyond school work, social lives and many students have jobs and many are currently looking for jobs. Teens in the workforce often have a difficult time managing school and work at...

Senior Kayla Perkins and junior Brenda Hoist practice their routine for the Homecoming Assembly to be held on October 20, 2017. All dance routines have been choreographed by students, the last two were choreographed by senior Makenzie Heggie. “We are all pretty confident about the new dance routine and excited to perform at the assembly,” says Olivia Quattrin.

The dance team makes a breathtaking return

Audrey Kristofferson, Online editor October 16, 2017

After a seven year hiatus, the dance team is back and better than ever. Senior Makenzie Heggie resurrected the team at the end of her junior year with the intent of students becoming more involved. “People...