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Connected: Facetime is a great resource for people to use to communicate with the ones they are unable to see. The list of things Covid-19 effects continues to grow. “I hope everyone does what they have to to keep everyone safe and help us move forward,” Vice Principal Tonya Grinde said.
Long distance Relationships during COVID-19
Mary Wadner, Features Editor • March 26, 2021
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Upskilled Teaching: LSHS Teacher Karen Morton interacts with students through Google Meet during distance learning. She learned a lot about herself and her profession while she taught virtually. “Going out of this, there’s going to be some positives, like me as a teacher, I’ve probably told you this, I was a teacher that wouldn’t take any paper, any assignment electronically. Now I don’t know if I’ll take hard copy assignments anymore,” Morton said.
Lake Stevens Teachers get Vaccines
Hunter O'Connor, Photographer • March 26, 2021
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Facetime is a common tool that people use to keep in touch with their friends and family, especially during these difficult times where it is hard to see people in person. Seniors Lizzy Fritzler and Maddie Iseminger face-timed, so they could catch up on the things going on in their lives. “Covid makes it really difficult to keep friendships stable since we aren
Quarantine puts relationships to the test
Nadia Tucey, A&E Editor • March 26, 2021
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Viking Night Live #2
January 9, 2021
Spike: Lake Stevens High School girls volleyball team attacks the ball during practice. Even during Covid, they played strong in practice and in games. A junior, Coby Gundry witnessed how hard they were playing. "Yeah, they were playing pretty good," C. Gundry said.
COVID 19 makes detrimental impact on school sports
Carson Schoenwald and Jordan Ross, Staff Reporter • March 23, 2021
Yay sports! LSHS athletes are relieved to be back on the field again. Although athletes were disappointed that there would be no one in the stands cheering them on, they are grateful they can have their games and meets streamed. When senior Delaine Polly, a member of the girl’s soccer team, was asked if she was excited for the games to be streamed she said “Yeah, if people watch them,” Polly said.
Video Production Live Streaming Sports
Jordan Ross, Staff Reporter • March 11, 2021
Fresh start: All players on the field or sidelines working hard to prepare for the season. Lake Stevens Vikings are eager start this season strong. "They
WIAA Fall Sports Update
Carson Schoenwald, Staff Reporter • March 9, 2021
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