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Viking Night Live #2
January 9, 2021
"It was cool to have a senior season of football. But all in all, I wish I would
A quick season
Elizabeth Fritzler, Photographer • April 16, 2021
Baseball Returns. With the shortened Covid season behind them, the youthful Mariners look to arrive in the postseason.
Mariners Preview (student input)
Austin Carter, Staff Reporter • April 16, 2021
College basketball! Change is being made and the women are getting what they deserve. Strictly because an athlete had shared photos and videos showing how they were being treated. “These women want and deserve to be given the same opportunities, in a year defined by a fight for equality this is a chance to have a conversation and get better,” Stanford Coach Ali Kershner tweeted, tagging the NCAA.
NCAA deals with backlash of inequality in men's and women's facilities
Hayley Scott, Photographer • April 16, 2021
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