Written Work

brown-eyed bird

Natalie Anderson March 29, 2021

Sticky fruit blood dripping down chins dripping like revelation from the mouth of babes. I’m afraid I’m a fastidious eater Eat light, eat polite, I’m seen and not heard All I can offer—the...

windows to the soul

Natalie Anderson March 29, 2021

Your sister is playing with a toy you don’t recognize. It shouldn’t be a surprise, as you haven’t been home since the term started, but it is. You can’t make out exactly what animal it is until...

“Threads; or I Think This Is a Love Song”

February 27, 2021

it’s so vulnerable to open something up  (crack a spine, feel a pulse) and know it’s close to  someone close to you. like you’ve cut them open  and you’re seeing their opaque...

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Written Work