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The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


The student news site of Lake Stevens High School



After School Gaming: Four students enjoy their time in
Game Club. This club took place in Mr. Cogswells 
Room 128, where Magic Club also takes place.

LSHS Clubs prepare for Club Fair

Corsen Siconolfi, Section Editor October 24, 2019

Lake Stevens High School has a variety of clubs and after school programs for any students with a passion. During all three lunches on Halloween, there will be a club fair hosted in the Commons where each...

Anshika Patel, Kamila Almaz, and Katherina Huber are all exchange students who are excited to start their year at LSHS.

LSHS Through the Eyes of Foreign Friends

Selah DeLong, Photographer October 24, 2019

Vis-à-vis! Each year, Lake Stevens High School opens its doors to foreign students. Many come for a new and different school experience. This year is no different.  This school year, LSHS has a total...

Ready for customers: The Cove, staffed by students Katherine Skelly, Madi Boyles, Hope Barcus,   Kaeden Regello, Laura Constantine, Alyssa Coates, Tayden Irelan, Kimberlyn Blume, Nika Perez, Heather Moss, Steven Garett, Trenton Gerry, Hannah Gibson, Hunter Patchett, Riley Thompsen, Caden Jackson, Hunter OConner, Micah Close, Isaac Aylor, Jeremy Ross, Carson Schoenwald, Riley Pollardo and Mattias Lewis, is now open for business. They have been preparing their list of products up until now to sell what the students want. “These three years I’ve been at the cove I have learned so much and enjoyed working at the cove” said Aleski Struthers.

Cove deals and opening for the 2019-2020 year.

Jake Kirkland, Section Editor October 24, 2019

The Cove is a place where students at Lake Stevens High School can buy drinks, food, and accessories. The vibe during class periods is a bit quiet as few students go in. But during lunch”, the vibe...

 Senior Riley Harless’s Mazda RX-8

The Growth of the Car Community at Lake Stevens High School

Tanner Carr, Section Editor October 23, 2019

With an ever growing fan base, we’ve seen the rise in the car community, especially among High School students as it is a time when most people get their first car. The RX-8, a Mazda manufactured...

What A New Student? Junior Bryssa Montoya is a new student this year, she feels very included in LSHS.

Adapting to a new school can be challenging

Sara Daniels, Staff Reporter June 18, 2019

New students at Lake Stevens High School is not a new thing. People move to Lake Stevens all the time, it’s an up and coming town. We have exchange students that come from across the world and students...

Graduates choose to serve in the US Armed Forces

Graduates choose to serve in the US Armed Forces

Sara Daniels, Staff Reporter June 10, 2019

Joining the military can be a difficult decision for anyone. It's a very brave and honorable choice for a person to make. It's close to the end of the year, and it’s time for seniors to graduate and...

Patchett gets interviewed by 1430 KYKN Radio in Keizer, Oregon.

Youngest Professional Sportscaster

Kayto Krueger, Staff Reporter June 10, 2019

Playing a professional sport is one thing, but broadcasting for a professional sports team is another. Senior Payne Patchett booked himself a season play-by-play announcing for the pro baseball team, Salem-Keizer...

LSHS Seniors light up the night during the annual Homecoming football game.

Seniors favorite moments in high school

Kayto Krueger, Staff Reporter June 10, 2019

Brian Call “My favorite moment was tolo when the theme was Disney duos.” Maizy Florez “My favorite moment in high school was the high school football games.” Darby Papaw “My...

Students honored at annual CTE Award breakfast

Harrison Orr, Staff Reporter June 10, 2019

Careers in Technical Education are the foundation of innovation. Whether it is the art of digital design, the production of film, or the delights of cooking, CTE is where it starts. Every year in Lake...

Senior Marshal Ryan wears a hard hat at school and a hard hat after graduation.

Seniors go to the workforce after high school

Sebastian Otness, Staff Reporter June 10, 2019

College isn’t always for everyone, so some decide to just go to work. People just like to go through thirteen years of school and not keep going because they are worn out of going to school.   “I...

LSHS senior suffers from the late stages of senioritis. The coffee has worn off and has left the student helpless, unable to find motivation in his final days of high school.

Senioritis hits Lake Stevens

Kayto Krueger, Staff Reporter June 10, 2019

Senioritis… a disease that has struck the senior class every year, leaving no trace behind. Some studies have suggested that senioritis is only airborne around school campuses, but results are inconsistent...

Yearbook Cover Reveal

Harrison Orr, Staff Reporter May 24, 2019

Construction has been a major presence here on campus, but that hasn’t stopped student life from thriving this year. This video embodies the way student life has adapted and changed through construction...