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Teddy Bears Galore! This new trend is a fun way the community encourages kids. Any person can join in on the fun too! Just put a teddy bear in your window. On your next walk, see how many you can find in people’s windows! It’s a fun way the community can unite and have fun even in hard times.

Community comes together in midst of national crisis

Selah DeLong, Photographer May 19, 2020

With the “Stay at Home” orders that have been put in place across the nation, we’ve gotten used to a certain type of normalcy that hasn’t been seen before. We’ve gotten used to self-isolation...

Wearing a face mask out in public is just one step towards saving lives, but  a very important one. My mom made fabric face masks for me and my friends that I am living with and we wear them out whenever we need something from the store. As soon as we get home, we sanitize, throw the masks in the wash, and then sanitize again. I hope that by wearing our masks we are making a difference in moving towards the end of quarantine. 

Importance of wearing a mask when going out in public

Kaylee Krause, Staff Reporter May 17, 2020

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has recommended that everyone wear a face mask when going out in public. Some stores have even begun requiring employees to wear masks when at work...

2019 Viewership for the top two tier-1 Esports: LoL and CSGO. These 2 dominate the world of Esports and can only continue to rise as many more people have time to enjoy play of the best in the world.

Impact of COVID-19 on Esports

Tanner Carr, Section Editor May 9, 2020

With the closings of schools, work and more, it’s quite common to think that esport viewership, or just viewership in general of video games, will go up.  We’ve seen the rise of iRacing for Nascar...

An advertisement for Yung Leans livestream. Since, many more artists have begun setting dates for their performances.

Tours postponement

Tanner Carr, Section Editor May 9, 2020

COVID-19 has forced artists to postpone their tours due to the restrictions of travelling, gatherings and more. An artist who goes by Yung Lean, full name Jonatan Leandoer Hastad, a modern underground...

Wekfest is a huge car show that brings in thousands of people. “The only one I’ve been to is Wekfest. But it was pretty cool,” Grace Mellen said.

Cars: More than a piece of moving metal

Tanner Carr, Section Editor March 10, 2020

“It’s what non-car people don’t get. They all see cars as just a ton and a half, two tons of wires, glass, metal and rubber. That’s all they see. People like you or I know, we have an unshakable...

Senior Cody Demerchant and Jayden Digos both ready to get their targets

Surviving senior Assassin

Bailey Polkinghorn , Section Editor March 5, 2020

Senior Assassin is a Lake Stevens High School tradition that has been going on for years. All seniors who would like to participate pay $10 to play. It starts after finals of the first semester. Participants...

The great minds of LSHS! Volunteer Sharilyn Lippmann helps students study for finals in the Learning Commons. “[For students who want a good grade], just stay on top of their work and go through all their notes, keep all their notes,” junior Dayna Devlin.

The semester quickly ends with finals

Kieran Diezi, Section Editor January 28, 2020

The end of a semester always means the beginning of finals. With big tests on their way, students need ways to get good grades on their tests to pass their classes. So what do students do to study for...

The comeback: Chris Travis sings at the SHWB warehouse show. Chris Travis caused controversy before the show with his apparent “resignment” from the group and announcement to become more independent. However, he surprised fans saying he wasn’t going to leave after all, and gave an amazing performance.

SHWB: Return to the warehouse

Corsen Siconolfi and Tanner Carr, Section Editors January 28, 2020

On December 21, 2019, the iconic group SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ or abbreviated as SHWB made their return to the warehouse years after their last appearance in such a venue. Weeks prior, Chris Travis who is the...

Plan ahead! Sophomore Lilyana Grace fills out her planner for 2020 with new ideas and adventures. Grace planned things, and it made her work easier to be finished on time. 
“For 2020 I really want to be my most authentic self and enjoy the little things in life,” Grace said.

Students share their goals and expectations in 2020

Kamila Almaz, Staff Reporter January 28, 2020

With the end of the football season, the East Hall opened its doors to students and hosted Breaking Down the Walls workshops - this is how we said goodbye to 2019. Now all the Lake Stevens High School...

We honor those who have served to keep our flag flying high.

Veterans Day Assembly

Christine Cannal , Staff Reporter December 4, 2019

Veteran’s Day is a respected holiday dedicated to honoring the men and women who have fought and sacrificed for our country, including those who couldn’t come home to their families. It’s important...

Can you imagine a world without hunger? The food bank helps people who are unable to work, parents with children who are sick or those who are homeless. A few donations can help feed over a thousand people so your donation does and will make a difference. If we all had that kind of mindset then there would be little to no food and what good would that do for our community.

Can-structing a Stronger Community

Corsen Siconolfi, Section Editor December 3, 2019

During the holiday season, it’s hard for some to even come up with necessities like food and clothing. That’s why the school holds a food drive that any student could donate to. It’s a way to give...

Junior Bianca Brightwell with Billie Eilish at the backstage.

Why Do People Go to Concerts?

Kamila Almaz , Staff Reporter December 2, 2019

“Where words fail, music speaks”  Hans Christian Anderson said this for a reason. The importance of music and its irreplaceability is known very well. But there is still a difference between concerts...