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When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free. -Former U.S. President Barack Obama

Washington’s pride won’t subside

Lillian Carpenter, Viking Gallery Editor June 4, 2021

One hot summer night in 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar that was a safe haven for the time’s LGBT+ community located in New York City. At the time, these sorts of raids were common in...

A recent trend of glow-up videos has taken over Tiktok. Tiktok user @heavytomodified posted about their weight loss/glow-up journey on Tiktok, having lost 300 pounds so far. [This trend] inspired me to work out more, junior Drake Nolt said.

Glow-up TikTok trend creates negative impact on viewers

Alexa Psaradelis, New Editor June 3, 2021

Since its debut in 2016, the app TikTok has made quite an impact on the younger generation. With almost 690 million active users, it’s safe to say that the majority of young adults and kids have an account. The...

Veteran teachers look back on their careers at LSHS

Nika Perez, Photographer June 3, 2021

There are many friendly faces here at LSHS who have been greeting and teaching kids for over 30 years. These teachers have seen it all - from a little campus with chalk boards to now a brand new three-story...

Gorgeous river near Eagle Falls, WA: The water is rising and the temperature is quite pleasant. Last summer portions of this river were packed with people on inner tubes and floaties. [Its my] favorite place to swim in the summer, senior Michael Shannon said.

2021 Summer Plans

Caiden Stollar, Photographer June 3, 2021

With many restrictions on how we lived our lives over the last year, students and teachers alike are looking forward to the freedom of summer break starting June 16. On Thursday, May 13, Governor Jay Inslee...

Seniors Plans after Graduation: Senior McKenna Michaelson plans on attending Washington State in the fall to pursue a major in Business Management and Marketing, and a minor in Human Resources. Michaelson  has dreamt of going to Washington State since she was two years old. ¨I have always wanted to be a Coug, When I found out that I had gotten accepted I was so happy and excited for the future,¨ Michealson stated.

Class of 2021 starts to take on the world after high school

Joelle Stever, Staff Reporter June 3, 2021

June 7, 2021 Lake Stevens High School seniors will be graduating and expanding their wings. Everyone in the Class of 2021, has their own direction in which they are going. Some students decided to go to...

Quarantine Puppy: Hank is a 3-month old cattle poochon puppy. He was born in Utah and brought here to Washington in February as a surprise to the Whitney family. He definitely makes me a lot happier person, senior Olivia Whitney said about her new puppy.

LSHS students bring home new pets in quarantine

Nikaela Perez, Photographer April 16, 2021

Since COVID-19 forced a shutdown last March, families have been looking for ways to make their day-to-day lives a little brighter. Pet adoption rates have increased throughout Washington state since...

Traveling: U.S. Citizens continue to travel during the pandemic and follow all COVID-19 protocols in order to do so. Getting COVID tested, wearing a face mask, and symptom checks are required for travelers prior to boarding some flights. In order to even be allowed to get on the plane and go to the island I had to take two covid tests, senior Sammy Mcfadden said. Mcfadden and other Americans are not letting COVID put a dampener on their family travels.

U.S. Citizens continue to travel out of state throughout the pandemic

Emera Ward, Sports Editor April 16, 2021

At the beginning of the pandemic, all forms of travel were intensely shut down to protect the people of America and the world from the fast spreading coronavirus. It has been over a year since the pandemic...

Back to School: Hybrid learning is starting soon. Thrilled and anxious, students and teachers have prepared themselves for seeing each other in person. Im pretty excited to go back, junior Elam Roldan said.

Students’ thoughts about starting hybrid Learning

Isaac Xiong, Photographer April 16, 2021

When the 2020-2021 school year first started, not many students and teachers had thought about being able to go back to school. Now, students and teachers will be able to go back to school and see each...

Closed: Countless small businesses had to lock their doors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 has struck restaurants the worse. ¨Work has been definitely complicated, we are either dead silent and have nothing going on or we get a big rush and have a lot of people who want to come in, but we dont have enough employees to have that many in the restaurant, senior Aliyah Kavran-Peterson said. Many local businesses were forced to shut down permanently due to the loss of revenue during the last year.

Global lockdown causes an enormous impact for small businesses

Joelle Stever, Staff Reporter April 16, 2021

Small businesses have been hurt from Covid-19 through the past year. From not being able to have their doors open, to only have so many in the facility. The economic shutdown caused by the pandemic has...

Nerf gun arsenal: Seniors are allowed to choose their Nerf weapon of choice to assassinate their target. The variety of weaponry doesnt make the kill any easier though. The waiting game is the toughest part of the competition, senior Sophia Rippo said that she had a lot of difficulty trying to kill my target because she doesn’t work or anything, so I would wait outside her house for hours, but she would never leave.

Senior assassin starts off with a bang!

Alexa Psaradelis, New Editor April 16, 2021

The class of 2021 had most things taken away from them this year, from football games to prom to an in-person graduation ceremony, but one thing these seniors are able to participate in is senior assassin....

Ableism Advocate: Shining light on a subject that is widely unmentioned, this infographic explains the effect that ableism has on people with disabilities.

The hidden trials of having disabilities

Lillian Carpenter, Viking Gallery Editor March 29, 2021

I have autism. In my experience, not many people know what that means. What I do know is that many people, especially students, are misinformed about disabilities. Unfortunately, misinformation usually...

Connected: Facetime is a great resource for people to use to communicate with the ones they are unable to see. The list of things Covid-19 effects continues to grow. “I hope everyone does what they have to to keep everyone safe and help us move forward,” Vice Principal Tonya Grinde said.

Long distance Relationships during COVID-19

Mary Wadner, Features Editor March 26, 2021

COVID-19 has affected many people around the world: families, friends and couples. Because of being in quarantine, most people haven’t been able to visit their relatives in person due to the health risks....