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The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


The student news site of Lake Stevens High School



Bon voyage: A tassel with a 2023 symbol hangs from out of frame, standing out at the front of the school. The graduating class stands at over 500, and most of them will be walking out on June 13 to their future aspirations.

Graduating students prepare for the end

Isaiah Zimmerman, A&E Editor May 22, 2023

There is no word that elicits great satisfaction and overwhelming dread like graduation. Sophomores find it years away, juniors hope for it to come sooner and seniors either fear the deadline or ecstatically...

Promoting: Key Club members attend a booth at the LSHS club fair. Here, clubs set up booths to advertise their clubs to students.

Club capture; what’s happening?

Elliott Chappel, News Editor April 18, 2023

With 25 active groups, clubs are an important part of many students’ days after the bell rings. Clubs offer students a way to meet their like-minded peers and share common interests together. Clubs not...

A night of fun: Seniors Hannah Hackey and Sydeny Adee let loose on the dance floor. On Feb.10 Lake Stevens High School hosted the 2023 winter formal.

2023 Winter Dance Review

Brynne Shipman, Staff Reporter March 2, 2023

On Feb. 10, Lake Stevens High School held its first winter dance since COVID to bring students together for a night full of fun.  This dance took three hours to set up and the outcome was very positive....

How active: Two juniors, Zachary Moreland and Alex Kleparek wait outside the Performing Arts Center for their rehearsal to begin. The Drama Club proved extremely successful in the past two years with high attendance and high profits despite the COVID crisis.

Clubs collapse due to lack of participation

Isaiah Zimmerman, A&E Editor March 2, 2023

For as long as education has been a concept, there has been the concept of after-school gatherings. From a few people meeting behind the school to big gatherings of many walks of life, clubs are foundational...

The best things in life are free, like volunteers! An Interact Club volunteer hangs up a flyer promoting Cookies, Capri & Cram. On Jan. 18, the Interact Club received community service hours for putting up flyers around the school and picking up garbage on the street.

Community service opportunities available through the high school

Brynne Shipman, Social Media Editor January 24, 2023

Community service hours are a requirement to graduate. Vikings need 45 hours, but how can students get them? There are multiple ways to earn community service hours at school. Students can find these opportunities...

Letter from the Editor

Josephine Wilcox, Editor-in-Chief January 3, 2023

So far this year our journalism team has worked to create a very welcoming and hard-working environment. We have worked to bring news that our student demographic would benefit from and learn from. In...

A young girl covers her face with her hand wearing a blank expression. Aling explored the unfamiliar field of realism when creating this piece. “After working on this piece, I definitely felt like stepping out of my comfort zone benefited me greatly,” sophomore Micaiah Aling said.

Artist Spotlight: Micaiah Aling

Monica Velasquez, Feature Editor December 15, 2022

Sophomore Micaiah Aling has been interested in art from a young age, first inspired to start drawing from the books she read and her own experiences growing up. Much of her art stems from concerts she’s...

Working Hard: Pre-calculus students focus on their work in Caleb Allinsons class. They studied hard for their upcoming tests. Students can be great academically, but can also be influenced by the competitive environment and class pressure, senior Nathaly Fallas says.

Academic burnout is real and preventable

Monica Velasquez, Staff Reporter November 16, 2022

Disclaimer: gifted students are not the only people affected by burnout. Burnout is one of the primary culprits concerning lack of motivation in many high school students. Burnout is defined as “the...

Senior Perla Ruiz eats lunch in the class she was struggling with earlier in the year. Joining her is her friend senior Bella Rippo. Together, they eat in their teacher, Joel Keslers class, discussing the things theyve overcome throughout the beginning of the year.

Student Spotlight

Rose Duke, Web Designer November 14, 2022

Senior Perla Ruiz is a student with many of the same concerns and problems as any other student here at LSHS. She wants to do well in school, balance her social and academic lives and have fun outside...

Hidden talents shine across Lake Stevens High School.  Here we have senior Hayden Furnari who can pop his tongue really loudly. We show people hidden talents that no one knows about. In May 2022 we held a choir fundraiser that showed people new skills that many didnt know about. We also hope to show many things people wish to show to others. Not a lot of people know unless you were in my kindergarten class, Furnari said.

Talents to be known

Isaac Olson, Staff Reporter November 14, 2022

What is a hidden talent and who has one? Junior Abby Sauls and senior Hayden Furnari both have hidden talents that nobody would notice if they were to just walk by because their hidden talents are connected...

A picture of the titular Chicken sits directly outside of the school building, and next to a pole. The chicken was in a golf cart, prepared and ready to be ran after.

The impeccable experience of the chicken run

Isaiah Zimmerman, A&E Editor November 14, 2022

Gullinkambi, Fjaler, and Nameless are the Norse roosters who live in Valhalla, the afterlife for Vikings, and whose crowing signals Ragnarok, foretelling a great battle, submerging the world in water,...

Rockstar teachers

Dakota Latham, Photographer May 25, 2022

As the 2021-2022 school year wraps up at Lake Stevens High School, students share what teachers were the most memorable throughout the years. These teachers found ways to make lessons fun and unique, helped...