2018-2019 Staff

Nadia Tucy

Editor in Chief

Sophomore Nadia Tucey is the Editor in Chief of the Valhalla 2018-2019. Tucey joined Journalism because of her passion for writing, and has developed one for healthy and organized work ethic along the way. She likes being Editor...

Julia Pinheiro de Oliveira

Copy Editor

Julia Pinheiro de Oliveira is a foreign exchange student from Brazil this year. Pinheiro got to play Mortimer in the spring drama play the Fantasticks. Although she’s a senior this year, this is her first year at LSHS. Being a copy editor...

Emma Crumley

Copy Editor

Emma Crumley is one of two copy editors for the Valhalla newspaper. Her job as copy editor entails that she edits every writer’s story so it’s ready to publish. Emma enjoys writing articles on sports and taking photos aft...

Payne Patchett

Posting Editor

Rachel Ptacek

Staff Reporter

Rachel Ptacek is an artistic student and new to Lake Stevens High School. She is from McMinnville, Oregon and moved to Lake Stevens this winter, a big adjustment, but she is pushing through strong. Rachel enjoys to draw and paint...

Harrison Orr

Staff Reporter

Maddy MacWatters

Staff Reporter

Maddy Macwatters is an opinionated person who loves to express her thoughts through writing. Maddy usually writes editorials because that is what she likes to do, and she uses journalism to say what’s on her mind because pe...

Sebastian Otness

Staff Reporter

Sebastian Otness is a senior here at Lake Stevens High School. Throughout the last three years, he has become a very proud Viking. His sense of school pride and want to be involved pushed him to join journalism, giving him the...

Kayto Krueger

Staff Reporter

Kayto Krueger has been a monumental part of the yearbook/journalism team. Krueger joined yearbook/journalism because he thought it would be an easy course, but found out that was not the case. Krueger thinks it can be a difficult cl...

Gavin Horton

Staff Reporter

Gavin Horton was and still is a key member of our yearbook/journalism journey. He joined the class because he’s never taken an elective like yearbook and thought he’d give it a try. Horton found out that the class required a l...

Sara Daniels

Staff Reporter

Sara Daniels is a new student this year from Butte, Montana. She loves the class Video Production because she loves editing videos. Her favorite show is The Office and she quotes it often. She joined yearbook and journalism this y...

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