Letter from the Editor

So far this year our journalism team has worked to create a very welcoming and hard-working environment. We have worked to bring news that our student demographic would benefit from and learn from. In order to help make that happen, I chose to be this year’s editor-in-chief because I wanted to leave a mark before leaving the school by showcasing the staff’s talents as writers and making friends and memories I’ll never forget.

This cycle we have written many articles that are definitely worth reading. “Lake Stevens establishes new shopping and dining opportunities along Highway 9″ by writers Isaac Olson, and Elliott Chappel breaches the topic of all of the new businesses coming to Lake Stevens now and in the future. Movie fans should not miss “Wakanda Forever fosters strength through diversity” by Monica Velasquez with her beautiful and refreshing view on this year’s biggest Marvel hit. Not forgetting about our controversial topics, “Research supports sunshine protection act” by Derek Schweizer takes the stage with the continued debate of clock changing. 

This cycle we have created a very diverse casting, using our resources to bring as much new information to our viewers as possible. Our goal is to keep the students and community of Lake Stevens High School in the know of information that will affect them.

As a whole, our plan is to make sure our staff gets the best possible information out into the world by presenting diverse ideas and perspectives to our readers and making sure that everyone has a chance to get their voice heard.