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The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


The student news site of Lake Stevens High School



Distant Fan: The yellow/gold T-shirt represents the Sophomore color. Sophomore year has proven to be more challenging than everyone thought through distance learning. It has been no easy feat for sophomores to navigate high school on an online platform. “Take 
advantage of everything your teacher offers you right now,” Guidance Counselor Amy Wiklund said.

Sophomore Class transitions to the high school during a pandemic

Mary Wadner, Features Editor March 9, 2021

Online learning hasn’t been the easiest for students during COVID-19. Many students have missed out on school spirit, have not been able to connect with friends and family, and have been stuck inside...

April Berg campaign FaceBook page.  “[COVID] was a dark cloud that hung over the campaign,” Johnson said. Photo courtesy of the Berg campaign.

Students of Lake Stevens High School helped elect April Berg to the Washington legislature  – 

Hailey Cordell, Editor-in-Chief January 26, 2021

April Berg, former small business owner, and Everett School District director was sworn into the Washington House of Representatives on January 8, 2020.  April Berg, endorsed by progressive organizations...

Junior class president Emma Morris being interviewed about ASB.

A sit-down with the president(s)

Rachel Howard, Website Editor January 25, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic hit students hard. Teenagers, who were busy studying and testing, found their worlds abruptly halted. Sports seasons were canceled and prom were nights abandoned. Instead of the joyous,...

The empty halls of Lake Stevens High School. LSHS has been without students since the initial school shutdown last March.

Online schooling: a reflection

Rachel Howard, Website Editor January 25, 2021

Last March, LSHS students were presented with an enormous challenge: online learning. COVID-19 forced teachers, students, and administrators to quickly adapt to a new way of schooling, with varying degrees...

Screenshot of Wards Instagram post from January 18, 2021. Screenshot taken on January 19, 2021. Showcasing Wards crystal rings.

Seniors pave a way with small businesses

Mikayla Finnerty, Social Media Editor January 19, 2021

If you've exhausted all your new found hobbies over quarantine, here's one that is surely on the rise: Starting a small business.   Millions of Americans are still confined to limited contact...

Words of wisdom from seniors to the underclassmen

Bailey Polkinghorn, Section Editor June 8, 2020

Listed below are some seniors with some things to say, when asked what they wish they would have known, here’s how they responded :  “Don’t act above school spirit. It’s more fun to participate...

Expectations vs. reality of senior year

Expectations vs. reality of senior year

Kaylee Krause, Design Editor June 8, 2020

Everyone has their expectations of senior year, whether it be excitement or nervousness. The experience is different for all seniors. We have overcome multiple challenges, we all have different expectations...

University of Washington (UW)! One of the many picks for seniors is the grand UW, full of bright minds and a wide diversity of people. Seniors chose this university for its great medical schooling and its high rankings in universities around the world. “I want to attend the University of Washington because I will get a great education but also they have a great medical school,” senior Katelynn Mounts said.

Universities LSHS seniors have their eyes on

Kieran Diezi, Section Editor June 8, 2020

College is a unique experience for everyone who decides their path is to continue schooling. While some decide college is not for them or have greater opportunities, such as the military, there are those...

How teachers impact our seniors

Selah DeLong, Photographer June 8, 2020

Let’s hear it for the seniors! Four years of studying, coming to school early every day, learning and hard work finally come to a close. Though this final year ended up being different for the seniors...

Senior year can difficult because of college applications, finals, and working towards the future. This year, students have had half of their year forced online due to the ongoing pandemic.

Biggest challenges of senior year

Christine Cannal, Staff Reporter June 8, 2020

Senior year is an important one for many reasons. It’s the final year of high school and the stepping stone into the real world. The class of 2020 has had an unusual year. With Covid-19 rapidly spreading,...

Times Arrow Marches Forward: Graduating Class of 2020 prepare their caps and gowns in preparation for the oncoming day in the spotlight as they get their diplomas and graduate. With everything going on and the stress of school making students want to shut down and give up, graduation day is a light at the end of the tunnel keeping students going. “I worked my whole life towards getting my diploma, wearing that gown, and knowing I made it. I already started the race, I am going to finish it,” senior Caleb Young said.

High stress with no time

Talen Anderson, Staff Reporter June 8, 2020

As the seemingly long-lived and craziest senior year in recent history comes to an end, seniors begin to feel the stress of making final deadlines, trying to curve their grades and finish the year strong....

The yard sign given to seniors. This sign means more to many than you would believe.

Last day in the little leagues

Tanner Carr, Section Editor June 5, 2020

Graduation is something that is regarded as the step into adulthood. For some, schooling doesn’t end and for others, they go right into the workforce and of course, and a quite popular option, is the...