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A screenshot of someone being on Kais account and sending messages to hack into other accounts.

Be ready to protect yourself

Braeden Crossen, Sports Editor May 21, 2024

1.4 billion social media accounts are hacked every month. Recently, lots of Snapchat and Instagram accounts created by people in our school have been hacked. “It was a random Monday and I realized I...

Student competitors Ava McGee, Lilly Turner, Sahib Malhi, Kylie Monson and Payton Thompson Vanausdeln, gathered together after Malhi was awarded his medal for being a top test taker.

Students compete at Internationals with DECA peers from around the world

Hannah Branham, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 20, 2024

This year, from April 26 to May 1, DECA competitors traveled to Anaheim, CA to compete in the International Career Development 2024 Conference (ICDC) with hopes of making it to the finals. Five students...

A flyer with information on Senior Crunch Time.

Countdown to graduation creates pressure to pass classes

Chloe Sanders, Features Editor and Photographer May 17, 2024

With the 2024 school year coming to an end, the days are closing for seniors to pass their classes and get the needed credits and requirements to graduate. Many opportunities are being provided around...

The Islamic Student Union ran a food drive during Ramadan at LSHS.

LSHS gives back during Ramadan

Addison Bowen, Staff Reporter April 17, 2024

Many students in our school celebrate the holiday of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month of fasting in the Islamic religion in order to celebrate the holy month in the Muslim calendar. Students participating in...

Flock a Friend a fun way to pull a joke on your friends and raise money!

Flock a friend

Angela Rosas Hobbs, Staff Reporter March 6, 2024

Flock a friend is a fun way Heidi Standish uses to raise money for grad night for the seniors of LSHS. Anyone in Lake Stevens can pay to have a family or friend’s house flocked. For $20, 10 flamingoes...

Increasing opportunities for people to engage socially online raises safety concerns.

Senate hearing brings more awareness to online safety

Jared Hardie and Levi Allinson, Staff March 4, 2024

Top social media CEOs were grilled in a senate hearing on Jan. 31, 2024. The senate is worried about the lack of online safety restrictions for minors. They are concerned that not enough is being done...

Payton Thompson-Vanausdeln, Kylie Monson, Ava McGee, and Lily Turner (left to right) celebrate with their awards.

DECA Students Qualify for International Competition

Logan Frazier, Staff Reporter March 4, 2024

Huge news out of DECA this week. Senior Kylie Monson, junior Payton Thompson-Vanausdeln, senior Ava McGee, and senior Lily Turner qualified for the international DECA competition with two projects focusing...

2024 Winter dance canceled even after all the planning took place!

2024 winter dance canceled due to lack of LSHS student support

Connor Thornberg, Staff Reporter February 29, 2024

The 2024 winter dance is on Friday, Sept. 23. At least it was supposed to be. This year's winter dance unfortunately has been canceled due to not enough tickets being sold. The Sophomore Class Senate needed...

Senior Haydan Villasenor camps out inside of the bushes waiting to take his shot on his target.

Senior Assassin officially starts

Jared Hardie, Staff Reporter February 29, 2024

As seniors head towards graduation they also head to war. Official registration for Senior Assassin closed on Feb. 15. Many seniors will be taking part in Senior Assassin, a big Nerf battle that takes...

Aja Valm is the new paraeducator and tutor at LSHS. She is located in the Learning Commons on the third floor during the school day and will tutor students after school on the second floor (3:00-4:00).

Meet our new paraeducator

Jory McColley, Staff Reporter January 31, 2024

Do you need help with English or history homework? You can ask Aja Valm, a new paraeducator and tutor at Lake Stevens High School. She is replacing recent retiree Barbara Frederick. Valm is located in...

Students brought in cereal, mac
n cheese and other non-perishable food for the annual food drive.

Food & Pet Drive

Paige Phillips, Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2023

The Leadership class recently organized its annual food drive to support the Lake Stevens Food Bank. This initiative not only aimed to provide essential sustenance for those facing food insecurity but...

One of the many schools doing a dance routine before Inter-High started

2023 Inter High inspires student leaders

Connor Thornberg, Staff Reporter December 7, 2023

2023 Inter High brought together neighboring high schools at Marysville Pilchuck High School on Nov. 14 to share ideas and build leadership skills. The Leadership class and ASB officers were in attendance. This...