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Local protest against Roe v. Wade located to Everett, WA

Local protest against Roe v. Wade located to Everett, WA

Conan Rinehardt, News Section Editor May 25, 2022

Watch senior Conan Rinehardt's on-scene report from the protest on May 14.

What a rager! Students dancing at the 2022 Lake Stevens High School Prom. 980 students attended the event. “I had a great time at prom, and it was really fun to see so many people that I knew,” junior Rachel OMalley said.

From masked to masqued

Katelyn Gardner, Staff Reporter May 25, 2022

On May 21, 2022, Lake Stevens High School students attended a masquerade ball-themed prom. This was the first dance we’ve had since pre-COVID, and the next to the last for our seniors. Students were...

Students come together as a council to discuss student issues and concerns. My favorite part of being involved in SACo would be getting the opportunity to work with a bunch of different people and being able to see the different perspectives on touching issues, senior Kaitlyn Johnson said.

SACo Update

Brandon Himple, Staff Reporter May 23, 2022

In the Lake Stevens School District, students eighth through twelfth grade can represent the questions and concerns of other students to those who make decisions for their schools.  The Student Advisory...

In the know: Senior Cameron McTee takes some time during lunch to check Twitter. He scrolled through his feed to get updated on trending topics. “Twitter is probably the best social media app to to see what is going on and being talked about in general because it shows you trending things and suggested tweets instead of just posts from who you follow,” McTee said.

Elon Musk sets out to buy Twitter in $44 billion deal

Cameron Smutz, A&E Section Editor May 23, 2022

In late April, entrepreneur Elon Musk announced his plans to completely buy Twitter and make it privately traded, along with other changes he had in mind. The company announced its plan to be fully acquired...

Would you give in? 37 percent of teens vape as a social activity, but vaping can lead to health problems. When its the end of the day my lungs tend to feel as if their tired from breathing and I can get chest pains here and there also, an anonymous student at Lake Stevens High School said.

Vaping causes serious health issues

Lilianna Rodriguez, Opinion Section Editor April 25, 2022

Prior to 2019, 18 year olds were able to purchase these devices that were appealing due to the fruity and juicy flavors. Due to 18 year olds being able to purchase these devices until the law changed in...

Food supply running out: Empty shelves at Fred Meyer in Snohomish. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, 1/3 of wheat farming hasnt happened this season. This has left shelves at grocery stores empty. Losing half our food supply could destroy our economy, sophomore Sidney Packard said.

Russian-Ukrainian war causing the world to go hungry?

Katelyn Gardner, Staff Reporter April 25, 2022

15% of all global calories come from wheat and rice, and ⅓ of our wheat and rice come from Russia and Ukraine. It’s crop season right now, and since these countries are currently at war, wheat...

Max capacity: Student parking fills up quickly in the morning. Many students reported that finding parking was an obstacle to being on time. “The biggest factor that was interfering with my ability to get to school on time was the parking situation at the time of when the policy was put into place,” junior Caleb Cumberledge said.

Attendance office cracks down on tardy problem

Cameron Smutz, A&E Section Editor April 25, 2022

On Feb. 25, Principal Leslie Ivelia sent out an email to all students regarding on-time arrivals titled “Attendance Matters”. This email explained the school’s goals of having students arrive on...

Gas Prices: The increase in gas prices is causing people to have to change their lifestyle to be able to afford gas. U.S. oil companies made record profits last year, which has caused them to face scrutiny from people who believe that they should lower their prices in favor of making gas cheaper. This is not the time to sit on record profits, President Joe Biden said in a March 31 speech.

The cause of rising gas prices

Bryce Clark, Opinion Section Editor April 25, 2022

In the last few weeks, gas prices have risen to over $4.50 in Washington and a $4.00 average in the US, largely due to the sanctions placed on Russia. This has made driving much more difficult, especially...

Unobstructed: Students in German class participate in their regular class activity while mask-free. The class learned better being able to see each others mouths while speaking. “I think not having to wear masks makes learning German a lot easier. You can see the way peoples mouths are moving when they say words you arent familiar with, so it’s easier to learn how to pronounce them,” junior Keaton Axtell said.

Students part ways with their masks

Cameron Smutz, A&E Section Editor March 22, 2022

Monday, March 14 marked the day that the Lake StevensSchool District mask mandate was officially lifted in line with the county and state. This change had been anticipated for months. COVID rates were...

Truckers protest vaccine mandates on the US-Canada border in Ottawa.

Protests against vaccine mandates create havoc at the Canadian border

Katelyn Gardner, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

On Jan. 22, Canadian protesters blocked Canadian-US border crossings in Ottawa. They called themselves the freedom convoy. They were protesting a recent COVID-19 vaccination mandate that was passed prohibiting...

Tunes with views: Watershed is a country music concert that everyone goes to have fun and hang out with friends, for a whole weekend of fun. Everyone was there listening to music and hanging with their friends having a good time listening to all of the country music and their favorite artists. My favorite people who are singing are Morgan Wallen, Miranda Lambert, and Kane Brown, senior Molly Denton said.

2022 Watershed reopens

Madelynn Butler, Sports Section Editor March 16, 2022

Tickets are on sale now! Watershed is happening again after its closure in 2020 due to the coronavirus, and people are excited to go back. Watershed takes place in the Gorge at George City, Washington,...

March Madness: Romeo Bustillo and Kelly Nguyen discuss upcoming events regarding ASU. Members worked on various projects to present to students during lunch periods in last meeting. “I wanted to create an Asian Student Union where people can come together and share racial experiences on what they go through and microaggressions because of their ethnicity,” ASU President Kelly Nguyen said.

Executive Board approves Asian Student Union Club

Nylah Harrington and Alyssa Arceno-Leon, Photographers March 16, 2022

Since January, Asian Student Union President Kelly Nguyen and Vice President Romeo Bustillo have been pushing to add ASU to the list of clubs here at LSHS. They went through the process of sending a proposal...