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The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


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Phone Cabinet
Numbered 1 through 36, each pocket is big enough to fit any type of phone. The phone cabinet, located in Josh Whites classroom, is for students to store their phones until the end of class. There is no situation where youll need your phone during class, White said.

The difference in policies between the teachers makes the situation a little more difficult

Yuta Raqueno, Staff Reporter November 6, 2023

Cell phones have become an essential part of our lives. Communication, planning, work, entertainment, and many other things are in our phones, and we can all agree that these gadgets are life-changing....

Change in leadership: Senior Josephine Wilcox moves to Texas at the end of March, sophomore Monica Velasquez will take over as editor-in-chief, and senior Isaac Olson will take over as the features editor.

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Josephine Wilcox, Editor-in-Chief March 20, 2023

So far this year our journalism team has worked to create a welcoming and hard-working environment. When it comes to the way things are run, the staff is changing. We have worked to bring news that our...

Is public transportation the future?

Is public transportation the future?

Kedrik Simbulan, Staff Reporter March 3, 2023

With global warming becoming a growing issue, climate activists are pushing for the abolition of private transportation and forcing everyone to take buses, cabs, and other public transportation. However,...

More microwaves are a necessity at Lake Stevens High School

More microwaves are a necessity at Lake Stevens High School

Joseph McGinnis, Sports Editor March 3, 2023

  A common problem continues to arise each day at Lake Stevens High School. The Vikings are finding themselves standing in ridiculously long lines everyday at lunch when waiting to heat up their...

Senior Kasey Flemming works on a project in Art 1. Flemming learned many art skills throughout the semester to be a creative artist.

Real life preparedness classes benefit students in Lake Stevens High School

Alina Nikityuk , Staff Reporter March 3, 2023

Students take a variety of courses during high school, and student opinion varies in terms of how useful particular coursework is for their futures. In terms of direct connection to the students’ futures,...

Grinding Away: Juniors Hannah Branham, Joely McManus, Selena Alonzo, Marrianna Shea, and MacKenzie Conniff take extra time after school to finish up assignments in the Learning Commons. Many students utilized this space after hours to get caught up on their workload.

Seven classes establish new opportunities

Monica Velasquez, Feature Editor March 2, 2023

Lake Stevens High School should implement a bell schedule to allow seven classes per semester. Schools are often looking for ways to optimize their students’ learning experiences, and one way that has...

An image generated by DeepAI to represent itself. When given the prompt Artificial intelligence expressed in a cool black and green picture in cyberpunk style, this is what the AI generated after several iterations. The ease of use of this site made it the prime choice for generating this picture.

Don’t be afraid of artificial intelligence

Rose Duke, Web Designer January 24, 2023

Artificial intelligence is a phrase used to describe any computer program that is used for tasks that would normally require human intelligence. These tasks would normally be tedious or way too difficult...

Sayonara sunshine: Early twilight looms as the sun sets over Lake Stevens. Seventeen days into Standard Time. A 4:23 PM sunset dashed hopes of safe evening recreation. Its safer if its lighter when it gets later in the day, junior Jack Santos said.

Research supports Sunshine Protection Act

Derek Schweizer, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, or so the saying goes. But America’s social clock is broken and has been for quite some time because of daylight saving time (DST), and the government needs to fix this....

Money Issues: This colorful poster showcases a nice future that students are supposed to  know. Fifty-four percent of student loan borrowers said their mental health issues like anxiety and depression are directly related to their debt. Teachers dont realize how this poster actually stresses kids out and the teachers are trying to be positive but its actually stressful to students. Student loans are money that you borrow to help pay for school with the expectation that you will pay that money back in the future.

It’s time to put a stop to student loans

Erika Lepesha, Staff Reporter December 15, 2022

A student loan is money that you borrow to help pay for school with the expectation that you will pay that money back in the future. Students have it hard to pay for student loans because they are so young....

School should start at a later time

School should start at a later time

Erika Lepesha, Staff Reporter December 14, 2022

 Schools should be starting at a later time. It’s not healthy to have education start that early in the morning. In order to make it to school on time, high schoolers, on average, wake up at 6-7 am....

School Safety: Signs like the one above inform everyone that guns are not allowed on school campuses. Despite this, school shootings have become a devastatingly common occurrence. “Guns have evolved over the years. So should our gun laws,” activist Shane Claiborne said.

Stricter regulations needed for purchasing a firearm

Staff Editorial June 13, 2022

In the United States, 119 school shootings have occurred since 2018, launching children and teenagers to the front lines of gun violence. The Valhalla staff believes students have the right to a safe,...

Everett, WA - June 7, 2022: The Class of 2022 gather at Angel of the Winds Arena for their graduation ceremony. 592 seniors were awarded their high school diploma this year, including 16 students who maintained a 4.0 cumulative GPA.

Needed changes to graduation

Staff Editorial June 10, 2022

At Lake Stevens High School, we work to celebrate academics, arts, athletics, and activities - the four A’s. We celebrate academics at our awards nights, athletics via our state send-offs, records and...

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