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The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


The student news site of Lake Stevens High School



School flowing in home life shown by the hallway over taking the outdoors.

Mental Health

Bryant Butler, Photographer May 22, 2024

In today's world, it's very hard not to hear about “Mental health”. It has become a social topic that gets discussed but it doesn't ever get an actual deep dive into the topic of mental health. This...

The Food Free Zone. There are very few students at the Learning Comms in Lake Stevens High School which became a food-free zone recently. This space used to be a place filled with students eating lunch and now are forced to eat somewhere else.

New Food Free Zone Established

Yuta Raqueno, Photographer April 19, 2024

There are plenty of students at Lake Stevens High School; with over 2,000 students, LSHS is classified as a 4A school. With so many students to handle, the school needs many areas for students to eat....

This is the front entrance of the Lake Stevens Food Bank.

Community resource meets growing need

Bryant Butler, Photographer April 19, 2024

Lake Stevens is a growing community. New construction and new businesses are clear signs of that growth. With more people in the community, there are more people who need social services whether to help...

Students flood the Valhallway at Lake Stevens High School during passing period.

Students face crowded hall during passing period

Chloe Sanders, Features Editor and Photographer April 16, 2024

With over 2,000 students at Lake Stevens High School, students may have trouble making their way during passing periods. Around the school, hallway traffic occurs, causing students to be delayed as they...

LSHS first round of busses leave early right after the bell but get students home more quickly.

Round One Buses Leave Right After the Bell

Maria Andrade, Graphic Designer April 15, 2024

The bells ring at 2:45 p.m. Kids clamor to get to their target destination – the bus loop. Kids who regularly ride the bus to and from school know that LSHS has two rounds of buses to take students...

Sophomores Daustin Khounphixay, Kellen Johnson, junior Idris Thibou, sophomores Alec Ervig,  Rowen McClain, and Aidan Bringedahl participate in an activity during Maggie Gameros fourth period Spanish 2 course.

LSHS should expand world language offerings

Nadine Jaraysa, Staff Reporter March 6, 2024

In today's world, the ability to communicate across cultures is more crucial than ever. However, for many students, the language options provided by schools often feel limited. At Lake Stevens High School,...

Lights can have mood altering effects on someone in a classroom setting.

Lighting creates ambiance

Maria Andrade, Graphic Designer March 5, 2024

Hard white fluorescent light has been the school standard for lighting for as long as anyone can remember. But was there any consideration that went into the effects hard white light have on people? During...

Choosing high school classes: A guide for underclassmen

Choosing high school classes: A guide for underclassmen

Nadine Jaraysa, Staff Reporter March 5, 2024

One’s high school journey involves making important decisions, especially when it comes to selecting classes. Whether you're a sophomore navigating high school for the first time or a junior refining...

Administration focuses on attendance by enforcing tardy policy.

Lake Stevens High School cracks down on tardiness

Levi Allinson, Staff Reporter March 5, 2024

If students accrue eight tardies in a class, they will be referred to lunch detention. Is this a fair punishment? “Tardies are a disruption to the learning environment and will be handled as a disciplinary...

The Transparent Bathroom. The boys bathroom at the North Hall has stalls with gaps big enough for students to see what is happening inside. There are also gaps in the girls bathroom stalls that measure 7 cm compared to the 1 cm gap in the boys bathroom.

Large Gaps between the Stalls

Yuta Raqueno, Photographer March 4, 2024

We all need bathrooms to do business, and rigid stalls and infrastructure secure our privacy. Unfortunately, in the North Hall of LSHS, there have been reports of large openings between the stalls and...

Substitute teachers on to the rescue. Ms. Johnson is teaching Modern world history and came out to take a picture with us. Currently, where there are shortages of substitute teachers, Ms. Nicolas was able to get a substitute for her class on time. [Substitute teachers] are responsible for maintaining a high level of instruction and continuity when regular teachers are absent due to illness, personal emergencies, maternity, vacation, or professional development opportunities. -FSG Newsletter

The Unsung Heroes: The Rising Demand for Substitute Teachers

Aiden Hubble, Opinion Editor March 4, 2024

Education plays an essential role in the development of our youth as well as- our society. As years’ past there has been a decrease in teachers and substitutes. According to the NBC in 2023, Washington...

Instagram, is one of the social media apps that were most likely to be used during class according to Common Sense Media. Students tend to use their phones when they are finished or when they dont feel like doing their work. Phone use varies from class to class. I dont think Ive had someone pull out their phone during the second period [AP Computer Science ] before, Levi Dela Rosa said.

Phone regulation varies class to class

Yuta Raqueno, Photographer January 31, 2024

We are almost halfway through the year, and graduation is less than five months away. Academic success is a must for graduation and earning credits, and the students will need to be engaged in their classes....