Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in Iowa, March 2019 (Pre-COVID-19). During the Primary Presidential election, in reference to the Crime Bill Biden said, “I haven't always been right, I know we haven't always done things the right way. But I've always tried.

The danger of political complacency in a Biden-era Presidency

Hailey Cordell, Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2021

A moment of joy and relief can be felt all across the country as President Biden has officially taken office. After years of anger, pain, and marginalization of People of Color, women, and LGBTQ+ Americans,...

Fears women have that men don't

Fears women have that men don’t

Mikayla Finnerty, Social Media Editor January 25, 2021

She takes her car keys and firmly places them between her middle and ring finger. She looks around before taking the first steps to her car. It's routine, it's familiar. She's constantly looking behind...

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC.

White comfort and the whitewashing of Martin Luther King Jr.

Hailey Cordell, Editor-in-Chief January 18, 2021

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests that peaked in June 2020, which were sparked by the police killings of Black Americans, racial inequality is at the forefront of white Americans’ minds—as...

A new beginning: Since the beginning of the school year my life has been like a rollercoaster. Moving to a brand new school, making new friends was the beginning. Then the pandemic began. I moved  out of my dad's house and am now living with my friend, working at a new job and living the life I have now.

This is me: So far so well

Blake Williams June 5, 2020

At the beginning of the school year being a senior is “the stuff” because as soon as you're done you're out of school and then moving on into your life, but this year wasn't even close to like because...

$uicideBoy$ in Seattle. Scrim, one of his many nicknames, is one half of the $B duo. The two have come a long way due to their Memphis style music and relatability.

What makes good music and/or artist?

Tanner Carr, Section Editor April 30, 2020

In music, there are many factors that connect people to it- the production, lyricism, flow, delivery, range, instruments and more. However with no true good or bad, what makes music enjoyable to people? ...

Express yourself! Junior Mikayla Finnerty’s unique way of expressing herself is basing her outfits on the jewelry she wears. Finnerty found this expression when her mom bought her a gold ring last year. “My style changes every day, and I try to step out of my comfort zone as much as I can, but I will always have my jewelry on. If I don’t have my rings, I’m not ready for the day. It helps as a confidence booster when I get up and get ready and have my outfit picked out with my rings to accent it.”

More than just the drip

Jake Kirkland , Section editor March 11, 2020

In Lake Stevens High School many students walk around the school with different colored hair. P listen to varieties of music, and people that have different religious beliefs. Not all people express themselves...

Vote! Seniors get their chance in 2020 as they turn 18 to make an impression on the presidential election. Many argue that their single vote doesn’t matter. Written in The New York Times,  “In the 2008 presidential election,” “The average voter had just one chance in 60 million of deciding the race. This argument is based on a highly questionable assumption: that there’s no reason for me to vote if doing so won’t decide the election.” Each vote makes a difference, even if that difference is small.

The epidemic of young non-voters

Selah DeLong, Photographer March 11, 2020

Headed to the polls? Graduation is just around the corner for seniors. With graduation comes senioritis, excitement, and enthusiasm for the future. At the same time, it brings many changes. Students are...

Movie weekend! Juniors Emma and Ashley Brouqua stand in front of The Edmonds Theater and look forward to watching “Parasite” by director Bong Joon Ho. It became a hot topic in the film industry and attracts a lot of young viewers. “This is a thriller of extraordinary cunning and emotional force. You will enjoy every second of it,” Brouqua twins said.

History-making “Parasite” wins the Best Picture

Kamila Almaz , Staff Reporter March 11, 2020

Oscar novelty! For the first time ever a foreign-language film won the Best Picture and became a hot topic in the film industry. “Parasite” celebrated victory after victory with four Oscar wins in...

A look into student stress and its effects

A look into student stress and its effects

Selah DeLong, Photographer January 28, 2020

Study Time!  Most (if not all) students would say that stress is a huge part of their high school career. Recently, stress has been shown to impact other areas, such as mental health, physical health,...

Time to prep for finals! Mr. Flanders and senior Arielle Paris take time in class to catch up before finals week begins. Flex Period has also helped other schools and students prepare for finals without having time taken from class reviews. “It would be great to have time to work with individuals during the school day other than our already assigned class periods,” said Mr. Flanders.

Should we bring back Viking Period?

Kaylee Krause, Photographer January 28, 2020

In previous years here at LSHS, we had what was called Viking Period or more recently Flex Period. During these periods teachers covered the student handbook, 13 year plan and digital citizenship. Other...

Blending, blending, blending, done! Makeup takes some work but the results are worth it!

Best cheap dupes for high-end makeup

Bailey Polkinghorn, Section Editor January 28, 2020

Most people have probably walked into Ulta or Sephora looking for some sort of makeup product, whether that be a new eyeshadow palette or the best mascara on the market and come to find out that either...

Black Friday: Inside the minds of shoppers

Black Friday: Inside the minds of shoppers

Selah DeLong, Photographer December 5, 2019

Doorbuster Deals? Black Friday has quickly become one of the most popular holidays in America. However, many news sites and broadcastings have highlighted the hazards of Black Friday. Not only is this...

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