Artist Spotlight: A. Pommer

View Pommer’s expressive, gorgeous art and hear about his artistic journey


“I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon but I’ve been putting more effort into it for about 8 years.” Pommer said. “my art is inspired by Tamaytka and John Draws. and I mostly draw what’s in my mind rather than what I see.”



As far as his future endeavors in art, Pommer has some big ideas in the works. “I have some huge projects coming up using a lot of the characters, especially Mr.Kipp, in a comic. I am [also] collaborating with a friend of mine on making a horror scroller video game inspired by Sally Face and Fran Bow, though it’s just in the idea stage and we’re not even near the midway stage, but [we make updates] on Instagram @Pandemonium_the_game.”