brown-eyed bird
Natalie Anderson

Sticky fruit blood dripping down chins dripping like revelation from the mouth of babes. I’m afraid I’m a fastidious eater Eat light,...

windows to the soul
Natalie Anderson

Your sister is playing with a toy you don’t recognize. It shouldn’t be a surprise, as you haven’t been home since the term started, but...

The Valhalla reserves the right to not publish work it deems inappropriate, including but not limited to, obscenities, profanity, and nudity. All work submitted must be original, not a replication, and created by students at Lake Stevens High school.
LGBTQ+ Student Art Spotlight
Lillian Carpenter and Katherine Van Der Put

This drawing is the introduction page of the sketchbook I’m currently working on. The character is Yamaguchi Tadashi, a character from Haikyuu. I draw him quite often since he’s one of my favorites. I like him because he is a very hard worker, and he’s always trying to improve himself. He does this not only for himself but so that he can support his friends and team. He’s very self-conscious but as time goes on he becomes more confident in his abilities. I would like to be like him.
Artist spotlight: Lillian Carpenter
Lillian Carpenter, Viking Gallery Editor

As I've created the other artist spotlights, I've been anxious to post art of my own. I figured it was about time! I've been rather nervous...

Madisen Cordell: Impressionist Buffalo on an Impressionist Plane
Madisen Cordell: Impressionist Buffalo on an Impressionist Plane

"Critical Role fanart of Mollymauk Tealeaf. Part 1 of an in-progress Critical Role portrait series"
Artist spotlight: Natalie Anderson

"I've been drawing for almost as long as I can remember, but I really started the summer of 2019." Natalie Anderson said. "Alex Brennan-Dent...

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