The challenges of maintaining motivation as the school year comes to an end

Students struggle to stay focused and complete assignments


Madelynn Butler

Motivation is Key: Motivation at the end of the year is hard, and doing anything to keep your mind on track is great. Jaidyn Foutch wrote in her planner to stay on track for the end of the year. “The hardest part of the end of the year is trying to get all the work turned in and done the way you wanted without having your grade drop,” junior Kayla Stewart said.

With the end of the school year in sight, it has become hard to stay focused. School is starting to become a drag, and people are ready for summer to come. Classes are getting harder, colleges are reaching out, and seniors are ready to have their diplomas after being in the same place for years. We are all ready for a change but have many more end of the year tasks to complete. With finals coming up for many and grades are close to being final, people are in a frenzy. Some people are using their upcoming milestones that are driving them to push through the drought.

“I think I’m most excited to go to college and meet new people,” senior Camille Jentzsch said.

At the end of the year, you have to look to the future at the upcoming events that are keeping you going. With the new events coming up you have to dig in to manage your future and manage your time with your new assignments from your classes.

Jentzsch has also learned new ways to manage her time and figure out new ways to keep her mind on track.

“I have learned that time management is really important,” Jentzsch said.

With college coming up for many, there are struggles in managing high school and upcoming college experiences. Like me, I am already having meetings with college advisors, getting registered for my college classes, and scheduling campus tours. We, seniors, have so much coming up along with the pressure of finishing high school strong.

It helps to give yourself attainable timelines to meet, so you do not feel pressured or frantic as the school year ends. When the assignments start to pile up and teachers start telling you that the end of the year is sneaking up on you, you start to feel the pressure, and you know that you have a lot to get done.

“I find time by setting easy assignments to the side that can be finished at a later time,” junior Kayla Stewart said.

Stewart uses the time she makes to give herself a break and have time to enjoy her life.

The students are getting to the point where they need to take time for themselves in order to focus on getting through the end of the year. Whether that is taking time for yourself, drawing, reading, or doing whatever it takes to keep your mind off of things. This can help you maintain motivation because taking breaks helps your brain stay focused and gives you time to relax your mind and focus more on finishing the end of the school year.

A great number of seniors are feeling overwhelmed with all the assignments, graduation requirement deadlines, and colleges reaching out with more information.
The transition from high school to whatever the next step creates stress, regardless if we are excited for what lies ahead – the pressure of upcoming life and experiences is sneaking up on everyone. We are a hand’s reach away from having diplomas, and we are ready to move on to bigger and better things. Before we move on to the next steps in our journey we have to finish strong.

So when it comes to the school year ending, the best way to stay motivated is to give yourself something to look forward to and stay relaxed. Give yourself time to be you instead of being dead-focused on school 24/7. It can be challenging, but you got this – keep going.