2023 Winter Dance Review

Lake Stevens High School’s 2023 winter dance attendees look back on their experience to inform peers about what to expect at school dances


Courtesy of Katelyn Anderson

A night of fun: Seniors Hannah Hackey and Sydeny Adee let loose on the dance floor. On Feb.10 Lake Stevens High School hosted the 2023 winter formal.

On Feb. 10, Lake Stevens High School held its first winter dance since COVID to bring students together for a night full of fun. 

This dance took three hours to set up and the outcome was very positive. Multiple students attended the dance and had various opinions on the snacks, music, and overall experience.

Senior Haley Bouley was one of the 320 students who attended the dance. She went to the dance with a group of three friends.

“My experience was awesome. Some music choices were amazing, specifically the segment where they played country music. I also love the snacks,” Bouley said.

The snacks were a huge hit at the dance this year and a fan favorite. There were various snacks including cookies, Capri Suns, chips, and other desserts and candies. There were also a couple of different drink options.

“I liked how we were provided Capri Suns and chips,” senior Bella Maxwell said.

At previous dances, students expressed disappointment with the music choices. To change this, the Sophomore Class provided the DJ with a playlist full of songs they thought the students would know and enjoy.

“I think the songs were really good. My music taste is so specific though that I didn’t know some of them. The rest were really good songs for a dance,” Bouley said.

“The music could’ve been better, but it wasn’t terrible. The DJ needed some help,” Maxwell said.

The school provided multiple photo options, decorations, a separate area for those not wanting to dance but talk, a huge dance floor and food. However many students think the dance could have been better.

“I would change the DJ and maybe have more backdrops for pictures,” Maxwell added.

Sophomore Mara Sivley assisted in planning, decorating, and managing the dance.

“If the DJ received the playlist we made, the music would have been better and more customized to our school’s general vibe,” Sivley said.

With everything considered, students recommend going to school dances. Attendees enjoyed dancing, taking photos, eating and looking at all the decorations around the school.

“I would recommend going to the winter dance because it was fun to hang out with friends outside of school,” Maxwell said.

Overall the highlight of the attendees’ night was seeing how happy everyone was dancing to the music as well as spending time with friends.

“The best part was being able to dance and let loose with friends,” Maxwell said.

“My favorite part was watching people have fun, enjoying what we worked extremely hard for. Just observing everyone really made my night,” Sivley said.

On average based on surveys the dance was rated an eight and a half out of ten. Vikings highly recommend going to school dances and will be attending more in the future. For future dances, Leadership is looking for student input to increase attendance and fun at the dance. Those forms will be available via email.