Graduating students prepare for the end

With graduation right around the corner, here are the necessary details


Nathaly Fallas

Bon voyage: A tassel with a 2023 symbol hangs from out of frame, standing out at the front of the school. The graduating class stands at over 500, and most of them will be walking out on June 13 to their future aspirations.

There is no word that elicits great satisfaction and overwhelming dread like graduation. Sophomores find it years away, juniors hope for it to come sooner and seniors either fear the deadline or ecstatically wait for freedom. 

“Gotta say it, not super psyched to go to graduation, but I’m happy to get a go on life, and like, find myself,” said senior Victor Lesniak.

It’s a big event for a lot of different attendees, but students can often find themselves confused on the finer details. Enclosed is a list of need-to-know information. 

“School is a mixed bag, I’m gonna have good memories and bad memories,” said senior Michael Marrs. 

The event itself is held at the Angel of the Winds Arena, and will take place on June 15 at 6:30 p.m. Seniors need to show up at 5:30 PM that day and attend a rehearsal on June 13, which will last roughly three hours. Unlike rehearsal, the ceremony has no stated end time, but due to the size of the Senior Class, seniors should expect the event to last quite a while, roughly until 9 p.m. 

Seniors should make their exit strategy before the day comes. There are many parking options throughout Everett that are within walking distance of the venue, but three are conveniently located around the perimeter. The Snohomish County Parking Garage, Republic Parking, and Everpark Parking Avenue are well-equipped to deal with most of the cars that come through. 

Decorum will be expected to be upheld, and seniors will need to procure their previously ordered cap and gown for the event. They will also be expected to wear nice dress shoes, slacks and a dress shirt for masculine-leaning clothing, and blouses, skirts or dresses for female-leaning clothing under their zipped gown. Seniors are not allowed to write messages on their caps, nor add any adornments other than what the LSHS staff has permitted. One may wear cultural symbols but must receive approval from Principal Ivelia by June 9. 

“I’m excited to move on, but I’ll miss my friends. Friends really are the people that make school…school,” senior Mione Padua said.

Of course, the arena is the venue for a reason, and the reason is the many guests who will be attending. Family, friends, and all in between come flocking to the ceremony to see their favorite person walk to the aisle to get their diploma. Students must request tickets via email between May 9 and May 19. Families should not request more than six tickets, as the venue may not be able to accommodate them. There may, however, be accommodations on a case-by-case basis, should capacity allow. There is handicap seating, but it is first come, first serve, and all people will be expected to follow the clear bag and no bag policy at the arena.


Now, of course, comes the not-so-fun part—graduation requirements. Seniors must have…


  • 45 community service hours
  • Have their minimum credit and state requirements 
  • Return any and all district property 
  • Pay off any fines. 


Of course, if they are unable to attend the event for any reason, one can request to pick up their diploma from the counseling office, but those who are going should be very well equipped to take their diploma and walk out towards a brighter future.