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Not all schools “got milk”

Countrywide milk carton shortage may impact LSHS
Chloe Sanders
Multiple students wait to be served in the LSHS lunch line.

Across the nation, schools are feeling the impact of the current milk carton shortage. While the milk supply is normal, companies are struggling to provide enough cartons and resources to their purchasers. Companies who are afloat, are currently not taking anymore purchasers while other companies are struggling to make up the demand. LSHS acknowledged the shortage and sent an email on Oct. 31.

“We have some news to share about the milk we usually serve during breakfast and lunch. Our country is experiencing a school milk carton shortage, and there aren’t enough milk cartons for all schools. It is anticipated that these shortages may last for several months,” the LSHS nutrition team said.

While the school is looking for alternatives, such as different types of milk and providing milk in plastic cups, this is all not very efficient. The food services staff are already hard at work providing food to the long lines in the cafeteria, making it difficult for them to serve an alternative if one is eventually needed.

“Although I have not seen an issue with milk yet, I can understand why this is important throughout schools,” senior Karim Mendez Alvarez said.

Mendez Alvarez doesn’t take a class during fourth period, so she sees both A and B lunches.

“It is definitely difficult for students who rely on the schools to provide the nutrition for their lunch; many students would pick milk over juice,” Mendez Alvarez said.

Students are seen with milk more often than the juice options that the school provides, making it a more favorable choice to the students.

“We have been very lucky and have not been without school milk cartons at all so far! We check in with our dairy every week.” Mollie Langum said, who is the LSSD Food & Nutrition Services Department Supervisor.

Although milk is still being provided, there is still the question of if this shortage will impact the amount of milk they are able to provide someday, or if they will eventually run out. It is unpredictable how this will impact LSHS and its students in the long run, as well as when this shortage will be over. Students may support LSHS through this shortage by only grabbing what is needed and reducing wastage.

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Chloe Sanders, Features Editor and Photographer
Chloe Sanders is a senior student from Lake Stevens High School, two of her hobbies are listening to music and dancing. Her favorite class is forensics. She joined journalism class because she wants to spread veridic information and bring news to people.

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