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Ramadan from a different perspective

Take on the challenge of Ramadan with me
Connor Thornberg/Nadine Jaraysa
Ramadan and the symbols that represent the importance of Allah

I personally never thought I would be participating in Ramadan, partly because I love food, but also because I had absolutely no clue what it was. But junior Abdo Attia had different plans for me. This year, my good friend asked me to participate in Ramadan with him. I always love to try new things, so I gladly said yes. I told Abdo that I would try my best to make it as far as I could.

Unfortunately, I made it 10 days in before I gave in to a cheeseburger from the Chicken Drive-in.


“You definitely surprised me. You did pretty good for your first year,” junior Abdo Attia told me.

I learned a lot over just 10 days of participating in Ramadan.
It taught me that it wasn’t just a religious thing. It teaches us how to be more patient and to make us understand and feel sentimental for the families that don’t always have a meal in front of them.

Ramadan was difficult. It took a lot of self control and self respect to get through the day without eating. But at the same time it was kind of rewarding. At the end of the day when I was finally able to eat, I thought of it as a reward because I successfully got through the day without giving in and eating.

When talking to my Muslim friends about how I, as a white Christian, was doing Ramadan this year, I felt out of place because it was my first time doing it, and they had been doing it their whole lives. But the further I got into it, the more I learned that I shouldn’t feel out of place because they appreciate me trying their culture and opening up to the way they live for the month.

Honestly, I plan to participate next year too, it’s a big eye opener to another culture and religion. Although it was difficult and took a whole lot of self control, it was an experience I enjoyed.

“They’d be really proud and really appreciative of it as it kind of shows support to them,” Attia said.

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