Semesters change and so do teachers

Are teacher changes detrimental to learning?


Junior Jake Burleigh is doing his homework in the Student Center during his fourth period. Burleigh does not agree with the changes of teachers with the start of the new semester, he considers it hurtful. “Changing teachers is very stressful, and it is not a good way to learn and improve new knowledge,” Burleigh said.

Every semester, students dread the inevitable: when our teachers change and our entire schedule gets switched around. If you are anything like me, it is incredibly irritating and I try to switch back my schedule .

When people think about the changes, they get annoyed about their class being switched around, but have you ever thought about how these changes can be detrimental to your learning?

For some, it can be tremendously difficult to change a teacher partway through the year because they are so used to their current teacher.

“It takes me a really long time to get used to teachers and get used to their flow and how they work. So to change all different teachers, it was really hard for me because I had just gotten used to my first semester teachers,” sophomore Mckenna O’Toole said. As a sophomore, it was highly difficult for O’Toole to adjust, since that have never happened to her in previous schools. “All of my classes changed,” O’Toole added.

It can be hard to move all classes around when you are used to the teaching style and routine of the class you are in for over four months.  

“It was hard to go into a new class and continue on the same topic when I had a routine and I knew what I was doing in that other class with that teacher that knew me and my learning style,” junior Jake Burleigh said.

When you are in a class for a semester, the teacher knows you and how to help you. But when your teacher is changed, it can be very difficult in the beginning of the class, since the teacher does not know you or is used to your academic needs. This is very detrimental to learning because when someone is already used to their teacher and are succeeding, they should not be moved out, for the sake of their learning.

However, some agree with the teacher changes, “I think it’s a good thing because I think you should have a teacher that you’re comfortable with rather than having a teacher that you’re not comfortable with,” junior Payton McDonald said.

The teacher change may also be positive, because some people may have trouble with their first semester teacher, affecting their learning. This would make it very positive for your teacher to be changed.

Overall, everyone has a differing opinion about the teacher changes, but we must remember that our counselors know what they are doing when our teachers are moved around.