Out with the old, in with the new

New sophomores on the high school campus

Audrey Kristofferson, Online editor

A new batch of sophomores arrived at our school four short months ago. Coming to the high school can be a scary transition for many, but our sophomores are fitting in perfectly.

It is a major change from Cavelero to the high school, and most students enjoy the high school much more than Cavelero. “I feel like I have a more comfortable learning environment,” Zach Morgado said. There is a large change in the environment between schools, making the change more difficult, but the sophomores appear to take a liking to the new systems they learn at the high school and have settled in well.

One of the most difficult parts is the never-ending maze that we call the 100 building; it is nearly impossible for the new sophomores to figure out in the beginning, some juniors continue to struggle with it too. “I think I’ve got [the 100 building] down. Five of my classes are in it,” sophomore Kelsey Brace said. Most students and staff agree that the 100 building is the most difficult and confusing part of the high school and the sophomores that have been able to figure out this wreck of a building deserve major props for figuring it out before some of the upperclassman, such as myself.

A luxury at Cavelero is that it is an all indoor school, but the high school is mainly outdoors. It is a harsh change from Cavelero, where you can wear short sleeves in winter, but at the high school some people have multiple layers on and/or a blanket.

“I don’t like that you have to walk outside. But it is nice to get some fresh air,” sophomore Lexus Thomas said. The cold can be harsh, but since the sophomores have been in an all indoor school for the past two years, they seem to enjoy the fresh air.

Overall, the sophomores are perfectly fitting in here at the high school. They show good school spirit, have great attitudes and no longer have to ask upperclassmen for directions!