Snow day or extra school day?

Do the benefits of a snow day outweigh the negatives to an extra day in June?


Waking up to a frosty window and a backyard covered in white means only one thing to students: no school. While it’s nice to have a day off during the week due to snow, the day only gets added onto the end of the year. This can be frustrating for underclassmen who have to finish out the end of the year later on in June. With that in mind, as students, I’m sure we would rather start summer earlier instead of waiting and dragging on the school year.
Storm Maya brought a winter storm many didn’t expect this February. Most students went to bed to light rain despite the mass weather alert going around, but as soon as morning came they woke up to inches of snow and no school. Either overjoyed or just grateful to go back to bed, some of us may have forgotten that one day gone now means one day gained in June. By the end of the year, everyone is exhausted from finals and all the underclassmen are just ready to go home and enjoy our summer break. Now with a snow day added we have to wait a day extra in June, rather than heading into summer a day earlier. Adding these two days onto our summer may not seem like much now, but once June comes around, everyone gets antsy for break to come.
Even though having a snow day off is a nice break for the week and it’s fun to spend time out in the winter weather, this one day off has an impact on our summer break. Building a snowman sounds nice, but doesn’t getting out of school early sound nicer? However, we can’t control the weather, so if there happens to be a winter storm we all might as well enjoy the day off and embrace the snow.