New Year, new resolutions

The reality of maintaining our year-long goals

A common New Year’s Resolution is to go to the gym more and exercise. Here is eighth grader Max Moenoa following up on his goal to exercise more this new year.


“New year, new me!” While everybody knows this popular New Year’s saying, how much truth is really behind it? We all have made new year’s resolutions, whether it’s to eat healthier, exercise more, or be more organized. These promises we keep to ourselves are commonly broken. The reality of actually keeping up with our New Year’s resolutions is highly unlikely.
One of the most common New Year’s resolutions, made every single year, is to exercise more or lose weight. Granted that most gym membership sign ups increase directly after the new year, during the further months after January there are less people at the gym. While losing weight and eating healthier is a great resolution to make, we, being humans, have a busy life with work or school, that just seem to push us away from attaining our New Year’s goals. It’s hard enough to keep up with with daily life that is already busy, and on top of that, completing goals we set for ourselves makes New year’s resolutions seem like difficult and unrealistic ideas.
Resolutions are hard to complete; however, we still continue to make them despite numerous failures. Now, I don’t think that setting these goals for ourselves is a bad thing; in fact, most of the goals set are to better benefit ourselves, but I think these resolutions set unrealistic standards for ourselves and are hardly completed. The reality of New Year’s resolutions is just the simple fact that people believe that a new year is a new opportunity to improve upon themselves, but why wait till New Year’s to start a better life?
Why not just make these resolutions on our own time, whenever we feel the need to set a goal. Even though the reality of maintaining our New Year’s resolution’s is unlikely, shout out to the population of people that actually complete their resolutions, go you! And to the rest of us who attempt to achieve our goals but just can’t seem to get there on time, at least we tried with good intentions.