Find a place to focus

Take advantage of the blank slate of second semester with a new and quiet study spot


Studying hard in the quiet Lake Stevens Starbucks, away from distractions.

Audrey Kristofferson, Online editor

Most students accept that studying is a pain and can be incredibly stressful, especially with a lot of noise and distractions.There are so many distractions at home from pets and family, so going somewhere else can be exceptionally helpful. Coffee places are often used for a good atmosphere to study in, with a chilled out environment and caffeine to fuel your studying.

  1. Starbucks (Lake Stevens)
  2. Proper Joe’s (Snohomish)
  3. The Living Room Coffee House (Marysville)
  4. Silver Cup Coffee (Everett)


Of course, libraries are amazing places to go  to and study, so quiet and surrounded by helpful books. Many people go there to study because it is very resourceful and peaceful. You’re never too far from a library, since there are libraries in every town of Snohomish County!

  1. Lake Stevens library
  2. Snohomish library
  3. Marysville library
  4. Everett library


Aside from the obvious places, like a library or coffee shop, there are a few quiet and interesting places to venture out to study at, that you’d never even think about! These places are a few hidden gems in Snohomish County, great places to hang out with friends or have a quiet study session.

  1. The Market Street Cafe (Lake Stevens, located in Haggens)
  2. Snohomish Bakery at First Union
  3. Jennings Park (Marysville)
  4. Petite Sweet Bakery (Everett)