A free for all

A new parking system is introduced at LSHS

A free for all

Audrey Kristofferson, Online editor

This year, our school has gone through numerous changes, from a new principal, attendance policy and one of the most controversial, the new parking system.  Year after year the system has remained the same, where everyone has an assigned spot, and seniors get to park in the front of the lot.

This year spots were not assigned, it is 100% free for all. Now students get whatever spot they can find. A lot of people have been up in arms about the new system, like the seniors who have been patiently awaiting the spots in the front that they deserve.

There are a handful of negatives to the new system, but there are a few good things about it, such as, you will never be forced to park in the A Lot all year; if students want they can park in the very front. Another positive is that students are able to get a pull-through spot almost every day, but with the old system, 9 times out of 10, students either had to back into your spot or, at the end of the day back out into the traffic and people-filled parking lot. One of the most difficult parts of the new system is that students never know who is parked around them, so if someone hits the car and doesn’t leave a note, they are a victim of repeated door dings, and there is not any way for them to know who is the culprit.

Ever since the new system has taken place, the number of tardies has gone down because everyone gets here early in the morning for a spot.

“Every morning I have to get up super early to find a parking spot,” senior Paige Wagner said.

Most of the school is still in the dark about why the system has changed and the reason has to do with the remodel.

“All of the numbers are faded and it’d cost around $9000 and it’s not worth it, so until the remodel this will be our parking system,” Security Guard Janet Albee said.

The student parking lot can be a dangerous place with so many students in a rush to get out and get home, accidents and speeding often occur. Officer Carter’s advice to all students is to “exercise patience and drive with regard of others.”