Students scurry for end of semester scores

Running start and Sno-Isle students on finals between both schools


Mariyaa Litovchenko gets an early start in College. Running Start is a great opportunity and allows students to experience College education earlier.

Audrey Kristofferson, Online editor

Not all students at the high school attend full time; a handful of students do part-time Running Start or part-time Sno-Isle. Finals time can be quite stressful for these students, as they have to be studying for their finals for high school and doing work for the classes that they take in addition to classes they take in the high school.
“All of the classes at Sno-Isle are different when it comes to finals. My class [fire fighting] has a few tests we have to do to make sure that we can do everything. They are really hard,” junior Zane Selzer said.
People take a variety of different classes at Sno-Isle, meaning most people have a different type of final that they will be taking along with the finals at the high school.
“It’ll be hard, but I’m not stressed out about it,” Selzer added.
However, the Running Start students are not too worried about the finals at the high school. They worry much more over the finals they take earlier in the semester at the community college.
“I care way more about the finals at the college; they are worth about half of my grade. The finals here [at the high school] are much easier and only worth a small amount of my grade, so I am more concerned with my finals at the college,” junior Shelbe Abbott said.
While the full time LSHS students are completing their regular school work in the weeks leading up to winter break, Running Start students are just beginning the EVCC finals, which many students claim are more difficult than high school finals.
Even though these students do not attend our school full time, they still are able to keep up with the finals that they will have to take at the high school and balance their large workload being a part of two schools.