Savannah Pratt, a name to remember

Savannah Pratt works toward her dreams by doing what she loves most


Senior Savannah Pratt is a very talented choir singer.

     Among the talented students who attend Lake Stevens High School, junior Savannah Pratt is a stand out in the crowd. Ever since elementary school, Pratt has been singing and in sixth grade, she began singing for her school. Today, Pratt sings in LSHS Jazz and Concert Choir, both of which require auditions. On top of school choirs, Pratt also is involved in her church’s youth group worship team, as well as her main group worship team.

     As a singer, Pratt looks up to one artist in particular, Francesca Battistelli. Battistelli is a renown Christian music artist and recipient of a grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Performance. Pratt and Battistelli both like to sing Christian music, and Pratt hopes to be able to sing like the talented Christian artist one day.

     “Although she is a soprano and I’m an alto, I still really look up to her and maybe someday I will be able to sing her songs,” said Pratt.

     In the future, Pratt wants to get involved and be able to sing more with her church worship team, possibly even lead their songs, and she is also thinking about singing in a college choir as well.

     “She is an incredibly strong leader so whatever she decides to do and whatever she puts her mind to she will do it and she will do it well, I know that about her. Singing-wise she can do really whatever she wants. I can see her being in choirs outside of school, community choirs, I don’t think she will ever stop singing– that’s the kind of person Savannah is,” said Choir Director Heidi Forslund.

     One thing that makes Pratt stand out from the rest of teenage singers is not only her strong work ethic, but her unique voice. “The first time I really heard her sing was probably in 8th grade when we did auditions for a certain song and you know you can always pick out Savannah’s voice because it’s so unique. And you can just tell even in a big group like, ‘that’s Savannah singing,’” junior Jade Guillory said.

    Guillory and Pratt have been singing in choir together since seventh grade. One of the things that Guillory likes most about her best friends singing is her special voice that is personal and her very own.

    Overall, amongst the many talented musicians and singers at LSHS, Pratt is a student who takes her singing seriously. Already as a young aspiring singer, Pratt has been involved in many choir groups and has had some real experience with singing.