Feeding the community

LSHS comes together to collect food for our local food bank

Food for thought: This is only a portion of the food that our school collected from November 1 to November 17. Jason Billingsley’s Leadership students visited classes to collect food daily and worked hard to organize and tally up items.

Mrs. Kerker’s four-person class took the cake with her operation “huddled masses”. Her four students brought in as much food as they could in order to beat Mr. Fountain. In desperation, she even sent out a school-wide email asking for anyone to help her class win. The operation was a success and ended with a winning total of 1,756 items. Mr. Larson’s class placed second with a total of 1,308 items.Mr. Fountain’s class ended up in third place, with a total of 889 items.

All together, our school came up with 9,614 items to donate to the Lake Stevens Food Bank. “They had just finished putting together their food baskets for the Thanksgiving holiday, so all of the food that we collected replenished their supply for the upcoming Christmas season,” Leadership teacher Billingsley said. The food raised will help families stay nourished and contribute to a happy holiday season. Thank you to everyone who participated and came together to help out others in our community.