Faces in the hall

Getting to know your fellow Viking Jadyn Bush

Junior Jaydn (JJ) Bush is a friendly face that many of us may see in the hall. Bush is a student athlete here at LSHS, not only is she a varsity soccer player, but she plays Lake tennis as well. However soccer does seem to take up most of her life outside of school.
“I mostly just play soccer and do homework,” Bush said. Along with playing high school soccer, Bush also plays select soccer year round for Washington Rush. Between practices and games the only other thing on JJ’s mind is finishing up her homework. Being a student athlete is a challenge for many, but Bush seems to handle it quite well.
Some other hobbies Bush enjoys are sleeping and relaxing, “Yeah, I sleep and watch Netflix,” Bush said. After running around all day with sports and doing homework right after, Bush loves to take a break and just relax. Being the busy student she is, it’s nice to just calm down with a nap and some Netflix, on her free time.
Through all of Bush’s hard work and studying, she keeps the end in mind.
“No, I don’t know what I want to be, but I do want to go to a college in California, where it’s warm,” Bush said. While her major is undecided, Bush does hope to find weather that is quite opposite of our rainy Washington forecast.
In the end Bush is a dedicated student athlete here at LSHS, and a friendly face to talk to in the hall the next time you see her.