Faces in the hall: Get to know your fellow viking

Audrey Kristofferson, Online editor

Ronney Little is a sophomore here at Lake Stevens, born and raised in Washington. He has many hobbies, one being playing video games.
“I’ve been playing video games since I was three.” Little said.
He spends a majority of his day watching anime and playing video games. He watches a variety of anime and takes pleasure in watching the Bezerk and Lucky Star series.
Little is a fan of video games that provide him with a challenge, such as Monster Hunter, which is a four-player online game. The current gaming consoles that are out do not meet the high standards of Little’s gaming needs. Little prefers the old school Game Cube or the Xbox 360; when he is able to, he uses a PC for online gaming.
It is very popular in the gaming community for one to build their own computer. Little has been wanting to build his own for quite some time. Unfortunately, building a computer is incredibly expensive, as much as $1,000. The average student cannot afford that, so for now it is a dream that Little is saving for.
Memes play a significant role in Little’s life, as they do in many students lives. “The OG meme, the Rick Roll, is my favorite,” Little said.
Next time you see him in the hall, start a conversation with him.