The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


The student news site of Lake Stevens High School



Lake Stevens Students Struggle with Limited Parking and Excessive Safety Concern

Lake Stevens Students Struggle with Limited Parking and Excessive Safety Concern

Kaylee Krause, Photographer and design editor October 29, 2019

Everyone knows the feeling of turning 16, getting your driver's license and finally being able to stop riding those smelly overcrowded school busses. At least for me, I was psyched to stop riding the bus...

Ready for customers: The Cove, staffed by students Katherine Skelly, Madi Boyles, Hope Barcus,   Kaeden Regello, Laura Constantine, Alyssa Coates, Tayden Irelan, Kimberlyn Blume, Nika Perez, Heather Moss, Steven Garett, Trenton Gerry, Hannah Gibson, Hunter Patchett, Riley Thompsen, Caden Jackson, Hunter OConner, Micah Close, Isaac Aylor, Jeremy Ross, Carson Schoenwald, Riley Pollardo and Mattias Lewis, is now open for business. They have been preparing their list of products up until now to sell what the students want. “These three years I’ve been at the cove I have learned so much and enjoyed working at the cove” said Aleski Struthers.

Cove deals and opening for the 2019-2020 year.

Jake Kirkland, Section Editor October 24, 2019

The Cove is a place where students at Lake Stevens High School can buy drinks, food, and accessories. The vibe during class periods is a bit quiet as few students go in. But during lunch”, the vibe...

Students honored at annual CTE Award breakfast

Harrison Orr, Staff Reporter June 10, 2019

Careers in Technical Education are the foundation of innovation. Whether it is the art of digital design, the production of film, or the delights of cooking, CTE is where it starts. Every year in Lake...

Vikings pack the Seattle Aquarium for prom

Vikings pack the Seattle Aquarium for prom

Sebastian Otness, Staff Reporter June 10, 2019

Prom 2019 was one for the books. It was a night to remember, and there were so many memories made, filled with good times, dancing and having a blast. Getting to see all your friends dancing having a good...

Yearbook Cover Reveal

Harrison Orr, Staff Reporter May 24, 2019

Construction has been a major presence here on campus, but that hasn’t stopped student life from thriving this year. This video embodies the way student life has adapted and changed through construction...

The ongoing construction poses as an obstacle for students every day experience. In the beginning of the year, many students had to change their morning schedule to get to the high school earlier to find a spot. “Why cant students park in the main lot?” senior Gabe Aldape said.

Construction interferes with students’ lives

Kayto Krueger, Staff Reporter May 6, 2019

The 2018-2019 school year has been a start of a new chapter for Lake Stevens High School. During the summer of 2018, the first blue fence was put around the entrance of the school, symbolizing where the...

A fan was placed in front of the used microwave to filter the smell of burnt plastic outside. Students evacuated the school during fourth period, and fan was placed in front of the microwave to disperse the smoke and odor.  “Our class was in the middle of a lesson when the alarm went off. Later I found out that someone microwaved food for too long,” senior Annalise Marie said.

LSHS Microwave Triggers Fire Alarm

Kayto Krueger, Staff Reporter May 2, 2019

On a late Monday morning during first lunch, the school’s fire alarm rang, giving students notice that they must evacuate the school. Students walked calmly towards the back lot to organize themselves...

Back To Space: Junior Kashan Hussain, pictured top row, fifth from right, stands with the rest of the Back to Space Ambassadors along with (left to right) the Back to Space founder Danielle Roosa, Apollo astronauts Walter Cunningham Apollo 7, Al Wordon Apollo 15, Charlie Duke Apollo 16, and President Michael Gordon, seated in the front row. “It was really cool getting to know everyone,” Hussain said.

Kashan Hussain wins elite position of student ambassador for Back To Space program

Maddy MacWatters, Staff Reporter November 26, 2018

Space has always been a vault full of unanswered questions that many people dedicate their lives to solving. The mysteries of space continuously intrigue kids and adults of all ages, including LSHS’...

May upcoming events

May upcoming events

Marin Nielsen, Staff Reporter & Design Editor April 26, 2018

May 2-5 — Almost, Maine performance - 6:30-7:30 at the Lake Stevens High School Performing Arts Center   May 7-11 — Prom spirit week   May 7 — Spanish/Chemistry/Psychology...

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

Audrey Kristofferson, Online editor January 9, 2018

January 12 MLK Assembly   January 15 No school Martin Luther King Junior Day   January 24 First and second period finals   January 25 Third and fourth period...

Before the overhaul: This is our school’s layout as of today but once summer 2018 hits the school is going to undergo a drastic change.

The future of Lake Stevens

Dawsen Hudson, Head photographer and news editor October 30, 2017

LSHS is going to begin reconstruction on the last day of school, June 15, 2017. This high school was built in 1979 and is falling apart. The construction is supposed to take two school years and three...

September 20th, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico with a category 4 strength. A month after the hurricane they are still struggling to regain what Hurricane Maria destroyed. “Yeah it was pretty crazy,” states Kaya Barker.

Disastrous Weather of 2017

Kassie Gruel, Photographer and staff reporter October 27, 2017

One of the worst hurricane seasons in history is in progress now. Hurricane season of 2017 has caused damage along the Southeast Coast and the Gulf Coast in the South since early September and won’t...

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