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The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


The student news site of Lake Stevens High School



Making connections: Sophomore Daymen Schmuck and junior Miracle Ohiri share a conversation after being paired for an activity. Students worked in pairs for short activities, as well as groups of eight for longer games. “Youre a Viking, and Im a Viking, so we already have one thing in common,” Principal Leslie Ivelia said.

Breaking Down the Walls returns to Lake Stevens High

Elliott Chapell, Staff Reporter November 9, 2022

Breaking Down the Walls program made its return to LSHS during the week of Sept. 26-30. Students were given the opportunity to participate in the program for a full day of activities with one goal in mind...

Local protest against Roe v. Wade located to Everett, WA

Local protest against Roe v. Wade located to Everett, WA

Conan Rinehardt, News Section Editor May 25, 2022

Watch senior Conan Rinehardt's on-scene report from the protest on May 14.

What a rager! Students dancing at the 2022 Lake Stevens High School Prom. 980 students attended the event. “I had a great time at prom, and it was really fun to see so many people that I knew,” junior Rachel OMalley said.

From masked to masqued

Katelyn Gardner, Staff Reporter May 25, 2022

On May 21, 2022, Lake Stevens High School students attended a masquerade ball-themed prom. This was the first dance we’ve had since pre-COVID, and the next to the last for our seniors. Students were...

Students come together as a council to discuss student issues and concerns. My favorite part of being involved in SACo would be getting the opportunity to work with a bunch of different people and being able to see the different perspectives on touching issues, senior Kaitlyn Johnson said.

SACo Update

Brandon Himple, Staff Reporter May 23, 2022

In the Lake Stevens School District, students eighth through twelfth grade can represent the questions and concerns of other students to those who make decisions for their schools.  The Student Advisory...

A Total Success: One of the posters for the play, Clue, displays the main cast of the performance. It was executed well- from props and sets to its casting. “It’s pretty inspiring, I think, that people my age were able to accomplish something like this,” junior Bella Maxwell said.

An overall look at this year’s play: Clue

Emilie James, Photographer May 20, 2022

The Lake Stevens High School production of Clue this year was impressive to say the least. Clue is a murder mystery board game, movie, and play. To summarize, six people were selected to attend a dinner...

Esport scholarship opportunity: Washington is hosting its first in-person esport event with many opportunities for students. Having previously had no in-person events there has been no opportunity as big as this for gamers. Although I cant make it to the event Im really excited to see some in-person events starting up senior Jonathan Frame said.

High school esport tournament creates a promising outlook for the sport

Cassius Peterson, News Section Editor May 19, 2022

The North America Scholastic Esports Association is a program created by Scholastic to provide opportunities in eSports for students currently enrolled in public and private schools through learning and...

Decisions, decisions: sophomore Mackenzie Dunkin searches for a book in the Lake Stevens High School library. The LSHS library has nineteen sections, split onto the second and third floors of the East building. My favorite thing about our library is probably the way its set up. I really like how each shelf is a different genre, sophomore Katie Cook said.

Student voice welcomed in the library

Dakota Latham, Photographer April 28, 2022

According to Kit Shanholtzer, the LSHS librarian, renovations done in the library halved the amount of total books from 24,000 to 12,000. But has this really taken a toll on the students? And more importantly,...

Hunt or be hunted: Multiple seniors participate in senior assassin and eliminate their targets. This non-school-related event has had seniors looking over their backs whenever they leave their house.  Im just glad with the eventful high school experience we had we can still do this, senior Mateo Castillo said.

Senior Assassin

Lucien Sevilla, Sports Section Editor April 26, 2022

Senior Assassin has been a long-standing tradition for the Senior Class. Entry into the game provides participants with a target on a weekly basis and you hunt them down and shoot them with a Nerf gun. To...

Max capacity: Student parking fills up quickly in the morning. Many students reported that finding parking was an obstacle to being on time. “The biggest factor that was interfering with my ability to get to school on time was the parking situation at the time of when the policy was put into place,” junior Caleb Cumberledge said.

Attendance office cracks down on tardy problem

Cameron Smutz, A&E Section Editor April 25, 2022

On Feb. 25, Principal Leslie Ivelia sent out an email to all students regarding on-time arrivals titled “Attendance Matters”. This email explained the school’s goals of having students arrive on...

Gas Prices: The increase in gas prices is causing people to have to change their lifestyle to be able to afford gas. U.S. oil companies made record profits last year, which has caused them to face scrutiny from people who believe that they should lower their prices in favor of making gas cheaper. This is not the time to sit on record profits, President Joe Biden said in a March 31 speech.

The cause of rising gas prices

Bryce Clark, Opinion Section Editor April 25, 2022

In the last few weeks, gas prices have risen to over $4.50 in Washington and a $4.00 average in the US, largely due to the sanctions placed on Russia. This has made driving much more difficult, especially...

Will NATO help: The organization discussed Russia’s actions in recent years. They will aid Ukraine how they can whilst avoiding a potential World War III. “Russia’s recent massive military build-up and destabilising activities in and around Ukraine have further escalated tensions and undermined security,” Brussels Summit Communiqué, Section 14 said.

NATO to be more involved in Ukraine

Emilie James, Photographer April 25, 2022

Vladimir Putin, current President of Russia, began the full invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. Refugees and citizens of Ukraine have been posting their experiences on social media apps, including TikTok,...

Spring play: Promotion for Lake Stevens high school’s production of Clue is in full swing as show dates are rapidly approaching. The game Clue was first released in 1949 and was patented by British musician Anthony Pratt based on the parlor game called Murder. “Clue is a mystery of whodunnit. six guests arrive at a mansion, all holding secrets from one another. Will secrets bring out the best in them, or will it take a turn for the worst? Come find out in a night of fun, intrigue, and sleuthing, where you too can find out who should be put behind bars,” senior Haley Tabor said.

Lake Stevens High School Drama Club presents Clue

Hailey Cordell, Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2022

Clue, the play, is based on the movie inspired by the classic board game and follows 6 guests as they maneuver through a dinner party colored with murder and mystery. The show will be performed at Lake...

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