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Hayley Scott, Photographer

Hayley Scott is an ordinary student in the senior class who hopes to spread positivity throughout the school and community. Hayley’s positive attitude also carries onto the tennis courts where she enjoys spending most of her free time. Hayley has goals of playing tennis her senior year and once graduated high school plans on pursuing a business degree in college.

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Players battle it out while playing as their favorite football team during the NASEF esports tournament. Junior Jair Valasquez was grateful to have this opportunity through Lake Stevens High School. “I’m a junior right now and they’ll most likely have another tournament next year, so if I can compete again, I definitely will,” Valasquez said.

Winner winner Madden dinner!

A look into the NASEF Madden tournament
June 3, 2021
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College basketball! Change is being made and the women are getting what they deserve. Strictly because an athlete had shared photos and videos showing how they were being treated. “These women want and deserve to be given the same opportunities, in a year defined by a fight for equality this is a chance to have a conversation and get better,” Stanford Coach Ali Kershner tweeted, tagging the NCAA.

NCAA deals with backlash of inequality in men’s and women’s facilities

Photos and videos were shared showing the differences from what the men and women were receiving at the annual NCAA March Madness tournament putting them on blast
April 16, 2021
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Hooked: Seventh-grader Sydney Scott spends a great amount of time on Tiktok. Although TikTok provides entertainment for a wide demographic, people have questioned if the viral videos people find funny are actually funny or a way of coping with their lives. “I feel like I need to grow up and be more like the people I see on TikTok, and if I’m not I’m not considered ‘normal’, Scott said.

TikTok’s impact on mental health and how it’s changing the world

TikTok is the most downloaded app of the year and has changed social media forever
March 26, 2021
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