Amazon awards scholarship to LSHS Senior

Amazon presents future engineering computer science award to Madisen Cordell


Hailey Cordell

Madisen Cordell during her interview with “GeekWire”, “They asked about like my hobbies, and how I got into computer science and kind of like how I applied for the scholarship.” Cordell was very excited and had fun during this experience.

Amazon has awarded their $40,000 2021 future engineering scholarship to Lake Stevens High School senior Madisen Cordell. Amazon awards this scholarship to seniors who applied and fit the criteria of wanting to study in the field of computer science.

Amazon created this scholarship for students who are underrepresented and underserved who have a love for learning about computer science. Cordell found out about this scholarship from one of her teachers.

“Mr. Gray, the computer science teacher, shared the scholarship during one of our AP test review days. He said if we are a senior, we should apply,” Cordell said.

After reviewing transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essays, Cordell’s application would later be selected by Amazon.

“I don’t know if I really believe it yet, but in terms of excitement, I’m at the top of the chart,” Cordell said.

With winning this scholarship, Cordell will receive $40,000 over four years to help pay for college. Cordell expressed how much this scholarship means to her future and how much it will help her.

“I plan to go to college, and with this scholarship it will be really nice just to be able to focus on my classes and not have to worry so much about paying for college,” Cordell said.

Cordell has recently been interviewed by the news source Geekwire about winning the scholarship and what it means to her. The news source got into contact with Amazon’s public relations office which connected them to Cordell.

“It’s really crazy. I don’t know, it’s like weird that people want to write papers about my scholarship. It’s very surreal but very cool and fun,” Cordell said.

On Thursday May 27, Cordell along with others receiving the scholarship from other places in the country appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Chris Pratt. Pratt talked about his time at Lake Stevens High School and paid tribute to those receiving Amazon’s future engineering scholarship and internship. With this big achievement, Cordell and the other winners were given a laptop from Chris Pratt.

Cordell is looking forward to graduating high school and moving onto college where she will be graduating with a degree surrounding computer science.