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Senior Assassin officially starts

Class of 2024 take aim to eliminate one another and win the cash prize.
Jared Hardie
Senior Haydan Villasenor camps out inside of the bushes waiting to take his shot on his target.

As seniors head towards graduation they also head to war. Official registration for Senior Assassin closed on Feb. 15. Many seniors will be taking part in Senior Assassin, a big Nerf battle that takes place all over Lake Stevens. Students are only allowed to use Nerf guns that shoot proper Nerf bullets, but one shot is all it takes to eliminate an opponent. The game is simple, receive a target, take out the target and move on to the next target. If unable to eliminate the given target then that person becomes a part of the hitlist, a bad spot to be because you are open game to anybody.

You can play as a solo or with a teammate. With a teammate you can help each other get targets which is a sheer advantage.
Senior Haydan Villasenor is taking part in the game this year. He said he has been looking forward to this event for months and feels it helps speed along the school year because it’s a fun event to take part in.

“I have purchased a Ghillie suit off of Amazon and am going to camp in bushes waiting to ambush as many people as possible,” Villasenor said.

Villasenor and his teammate have come up with numerous strategies, and Villasenor is pretty confident with the chances of his team winning.
“Everybody should watch out for the Mexican Mamba, for he is coming for all of you,” Villasenor said.

People are obviously looking forward to winning. In years’ past, the prize has been a few thousand dollars. Last year the game ran out of time, so the last six people remaining each won $400 as an even split. Many strategies that have been used in the past have included camping, stalking, hiding in locations, or other ideas such as paying people to help.

“Once we win, we will use this money to purchase our tickets for Watershed,” Villasenor said.

Another senior who is participating in the game is Kaysen Acfalle. Acfalle and his teammate senior Brady Janssen plan to be stealthy to eliminate all opponents.

“We will be aggressive and attack as much as possible, but we will also hang back and are willing to play the long game,” Acfalle stated.

Acfalle and his teammate will do what it takes to win the prize money. If they win the money, Janssen is unsure what he will do with the money, but Acfalle says he will either spend it all right away or put it towards his college fund.

Ava Sophia Macaltao and Ruchika Sansuddi are the seniors in charge of running the game this year. For game updates and information follow the Instagram account @lakeseniorassassin24 where they post updates.

Some of the most important rules are posted there. The rules include topics related to safe places, which include school grounds, places of worship and workplaces. Once a target gets off of work, they have a five-minute grace period for getting to their car.

Players also can’t go into someone’s house without permission from someone who is a resident there. Purge nights will also take place. This means it is a free-for-all or open season on these nights.

Even though this is a competitive game among the Senior Class only, it is important to remember, this is just a GAME and is supposed to be fun.

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