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Rhys Netherton, Dustin Cole, Mykah Carter, Gabe Christensen, Elam Roldan, Kyleigh Lynn, and Shae Copeland editing in Video Production Class.

LSHS Film Students Prepare to Shine.

Kamila Almaz, Staff Reporter October 24, 2019

Don’t tell - show! The annual Northwest High School Film Festival (NWHSFF), one of the largest high school-based film festivals in the country, invites students of Puget Sound region to create films...

BRIGHT LIGHTS: Senior Harrison Orr snaps a photo of sophomore Taylor McCallister Seattle at Pike Place Market. “I took three of my friends down to Seattle for some nighttime photography. I specifically chose Pike Place because of all the neon lights,” Orr said.

Graduating students at LSHS decide to join the arts in college

Nadia Tucey, A&E Editor June 10, 2019

Senior year is all about figuring out what students want to do or who they want to be. It’s a time of reflection, but also a time to peer into the future. The most important thing when making the decision...

Moon Signs: Why we act the way we do

Moon Signs: Why we act the way we do

Julia Pinheiro de Oliviera, Copy Editor June 10, 2019

Moon signs are where the moon was placed when a person was born. They determine emotions and influence how people act according to their own. It messes with the subconscious of humans. Even if people don’t...

Sophomore Ruslana Popach has 640k followers on Tik Tok. Her platform has grown daily as she creates more content. Popach is a very dedicated young woman and hardworking in everything she does, barely ever taking any breaks. “My favorite Tik Toks to make are the comedy ones,” Popach said.

Tiktok sensation Sophomore Ruslana Popach tells all

Julia Pinheiro De Oliveira, Copy Editor June 6, 2019

Sophomore Ruslana Popach is a dedicated student that goes to LSHS, while simultaneously having a completely different life outside of it. Popach has 640,000 followers in a social media platform called...

TOUCHÉ: Seniors Joshua Day, Luke Joss, Julia Pinheiro, and sophomore Ryan Van der Put play out the fight scene during dress rehearsal. The cast became really close due to the small number of characters in the show. Its hard to replicate a relationship like that into words; theres such a natural tight bond and they basically become your second-hand family, Van der Put said.

The Fantasticks blows away show-goers

Nadia Tucey, A&E Editor May 24, 2019

This year’s spring show at LSHS wowed the school with a rendition of the longest-running musical in history, The Fantasticks. The musical was held at Calvary Chapel, due to construction at the high school,...

AYAY CARAMBA: Singer, musician, and songwriter Alejandro Sanz rocks his guitar during  a concert. Sanz has produced 12 studio albums and has been in the Spanish Album Charts various times. He has also gotten many awards including 6 Latin Grammys Awards and an American Grammy Award.

Alejandro Sanz “Sirope” Music Review

Julia Pinheiro, Copy Editor May 7, 2019

New music that people are able to enjoy throughout the whole world is very rare. Alejandro Sanz is a Spanish artist that enjoys experimenting and expanding his style in several ways. All his songs are...

GETTING READY TO GO: All of the workers are getting ready for third lunch, expecting a large crowd of students. They whip out stuff super fast so you don’t need to wait for your food for long.

Lake Stevens High School Cove

Sebastian Otness, Staff Reporter May 2, 2019

The Cove is full of different foods and drinks such as “English muffins, yogurt products, as well as beverage items like Vitamin Waters, smoothies, Red Bull chargers and even water bottles,” senior...

STUBBORN AS A BULL: These figures represent each of the twelve signs. The figures symbolize an animal or person that generalizes an important trait of that zodiac sign, such as the bull for Taurus, a sign known for its determination.

Zodiac signs for dummies

Nadia Tucey, A&E Editor May 2, 2019

Though zodiac signs have been proven to not be real, they’re still interesting to learn about. From Aries to Pisces, there are 12 possible zodiac signs you could have. People learn about zodiac signs...

Solve the maze!

Solve the maze!

Dawsen Hudson, Head photographer and news editor April 30, 2018

Not Your Average Problem

Not Your Average Problem

Dawsen Husdon, Staff reporter April 27, 2018

The first student to solve this math equation will win FREE food or drinks at The Cove in the form of 10 Cove Bucks. Bring in your answer to room 303 and show us how you got the answer to win!   Ten...

he above picture is the final result of the origami box flower. Be kind and respectful on Mother’s Day, and give your Mom love. Till next time Vikings!

Your DIY Guide to a thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift

Kassie Gruel, Photographer and staff reporter April 26, 2018

This issue of the DIY column will be based around Mother’s Day and a gift for your mom with step-by-step instructions. Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 13 this year, so plan ahead and...

Dead Poets Society puts on a lunchtime poetry slam

Dead Poets Society puts on a lunchtime poetry slam

Sylvia Cohen, Staff reporter March 6, 2018

Mic drop, attendance spike: Seniors Nick Peña, Tyler Owen and Jesse King check out Dead Poets Society’s March Madness booth. Sophomore Aaliyah Blackford, a current member of the club, works the stand...