Mario Movie jumps into action

Mario fans are welcomed with a film to watch after many years of waiting.



Jumping In!; Mario brings his brother on a new adventure meeting new friends and enemies in the Mario Movie. Mario captures the audience’s attention through a nostalgic experience in the mushroom kingdom.

The Mario Movie released on April 5, 2023, is an awaited film all over the world. It is something that has been in the works for about three years, and many people believe that was worth the wait. 

“I think they could’ve been changed because they have an Italian accent and they didn’t have that, they only had characters at the beginning of the movie,” senior Tyler Macoleni said. 

Before the movie was released, many people often thought that the voice actor for Mario was not fit for his actual voice. People wanted something else, something that appealed more to the audience. But, after people have watched the movie they started to enjoy it for what it was.

The people in this movie are big actors in many other films. The movie stars Chris Pratt as Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black as Bowser, Anya Taylor-Joyas Peach, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong and Kegan-Micheal Key as Toad.

This also brings people’s attention to see the movie because they also want to see how these people express themselves through the characters of the movie. Rogen is a classic, and he doesn’t seem to mind about playing the character while also having his regular voice and his iconic laugh.

The Mario Movie introduces seen-before environments from previous games seen. This rainbow road is an example of the game “Mario Kart” where rainbow road is a track you can race on and is seen in multiple Mario karts.

“My most enjoyable moment of the movie was when they were driving the cars on the rainbow road, it was such a great time,” Macoleni said. 

People that haven’t even played a single Mario game go to see this movie because it is such a big thing. When people think of games they think of Mario because it has easily been one of the earliest games created and is still an ongoing creation. It’s always worth a try to see something due to the fact that this could be something you could be interested in and could open many new things in one’s life.  

“I enjoyed Bowsers love for Peach; the song was my favorite part,” junior Abby Sauls said. 

All alone,Bowser sings a song for Peach called “Peaches” to truly express his feelings. With this, comes what Bowser truly thinks of Princess Peach and how badly he truly wants her, and how badly he’s trying to get Mario out of her life. Black does a wonderful job at adding this tone to bowsers voice during this as Bowser is an evil and deep voice villain. But, in this he makes bowsers voice much softer and higher to make him seem like this friendly creature.

The Mario Franchise has been around ever since 1981 when his first appearance was seen in the arcade game “Donkey Kong”. The Creator of Mario is Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto who joined the company at 24 and he is 70 years old right now which means he has been working on this for about 46 years of his life.