Unexpected turn of events at the 2023 Grammys

In a shocking result, Harry Styles beats out record holder Beyoncé for best album of the year.


Graphic created by Ella Edens

Record Broken! Beyoncé (left) and Harry Styles (right) go head to head for the Album of The Year at the 2023 Grammy’s. Shockingly Styles was announced the winner, but Beyoncé took home a different award to break the record for most Grammys won in history.

It was the 65th annual Grammy Awards and took place in Los Angeles. All eyes were on Beyoncé, who had 9 nominations, to see if she would break the record of most Grammys in history. Later that night it happened. Wrapping up that night, she had won a total of 32 Grammys in her music career, passing up previous record holder Georg Solti with 31 wins. 

“Beyoncé did deserve to win the most Grammys because she’s been in the business for a very long time, and she has always been a vocal powerhouse and it’s amazing,” senior Emma Saylor said. 

Although, the moment that made history later was deflated. Beyoncé’s album Renaissance was outvoted by Harry Styles’s album Harry’s House for Album of the Year. 

“I think Harry deserved his awards, and it makes me sad with how much hate he gets, but a lot of the songs on his album were in the top 10 songs for six consecutive weeks and that says something. He’s an amazing artist,” Saylor said. 

Many criticized the institution for awarding Styles the award when Beyoncé has been in the running for that same award four times and has fallen short every time. 

Nevertheless, the night wasn’t only about the excitement and disappointments. Performances by Bad Bunny, Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo, and more were outstanding and had everyone in the arena on their feet. 

“My favorite performance was Bad Bunny because his performance was the most engaging and it was colorful and the set was really interesting. I also liked how he interacted with the audience as well,” Saylor said. 

Bad Bunny was a hit. In fact, he opened the 2023 Grammy Award Night on Feb. 5 and came into the Grammys with a few nominations, and ended up winning three different Grammys. 

“Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were best dressed and I might sound biased but everyone else was very disappointing and they popped off,” Saylor said. 

Styles made three different outfit changes. He walked in with a sparkly jumpsuit leaving all his tattoos out for display. Next, he performed with a sparkly, sequin, and fringe bodysuit that reflected all the lights off of him. He then went for a more subtle look with tan dress pants and a white pullover blazer. I’d say that people were stunned by the different looks. Dressed in a dark navy blue two-piece covered with crystals, Taylor Swift was eye-catching. Her look was inspired by her most recent album Midnights. Swift’s album was not eligible for a Grammy nomination due to her release date but was still able to make a statement with her look.