Explore your personality through Anime 

Get to know yourself better through dynamic, hilarious and adventurous characters in various storylines


Graphic created by Maren Hammer

Introverted or extroverted? Check out these perfectly curated anime based on your four-letter MBTI combination (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). MBTI provides an individual with a unique combination of four letters based on introversion/extraversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving. “All these anime are easy to watch as an introduction to anime and anyone could get into them, ” senior Yoanna Ramirez said.

By sophomore year, all students have been exposed to the Myer’s Briggs Personality test. Everybody’s personality is unique, and yet people share certain personality traits. This story pairs personality types with anime. In the world of anime, there is a story for anyone. The following films prove this. Explore a well-suited film for your personality type. All of these anime can be viewed at crunchyroll and funimation


ESTP (Entrepreneur): Seven Deadly Sins 

ESTPs are immensely smart, energetic people who have a knack for living on the edge, which is why Seven Deadly Sins with its adrenalin-filled plot is a perfect fit for our adventurous friends. Seven Deadly Sins follows the story of a group of knights who have been believed to be disbanded after supposedly wanting to overthrow the king, at the hands of the holy knights. Their disbanding, however, did not stop rumors of their survival, and when the kingdom was overthrown by the holy knights through a coup d’etat. The adopted daughter of the lioness kingdom sets on the journey of finding the seven deadly sins to help conquer her kingdom back. 

This action-filled anime is perfect for our energetic ESTPs. 


ESFP (Entertainer): Jujitsu Kaisen

ESFPs are enthusiastic, spontaneous people who love delving into the unknown, which is why Jujitsu Kaisen with its plethora of laughter, adventure and beautiful animation is sure to capture the ESFPs attention. The story of Jujitsu Kaisen starts with a student named Yuji Itadarori who joins the school Occult Club but soon figures out that they’re sorcerers capable of controlling energy. In this club he learns of the “finger of Sukuna” which is believed to host Sukuna’s magic; however, after swallowing the talisman to protect his friend Yuji soon realizes that he has inherited the magic without the interference from Sukuna. This spontaneous plot with hilarious characters is the perfect fit for our enthusiastic friends. 


ENTP (Debater): Assassination Classroom

Debaters are curious thinkers who love an intellectual change which is why Assassination Classroom with its uncanny school structure and eerier interactions with the combination of humor and absurdity build-up the perfect storyline for debaters to think deeply about the show or simply enjoy. Assassination classroom tells a story of a power octopus being who works as the homeroom teacher at a junior high school. After the students realize that they must kill this being, they band together despite being taught in different sections of the school and being dubbed misfits to save the world as they know it.


ENFP (Campaigner): Demon Slayer

Campaigners are creatives who are socially free spirits and love to make others smile which is why Demon Slayer with its phenomenal animation and colossal sense of family love and protection makes it an anime for them. Demon Slayer tells the story of the kind-hearted teen Tanjirou Kamado, who upon returning home discovers his entire family slaughtered by demons and his younger sister being turned into a bloodthirsty demon herself. Fueled by this incident Tanjirou sets out to become a demon slayer. Tanjirou’s optimism and need to prove himself is sure to engage our ENFP friends. 


ISTP (Virtuoso): Full Metal Alchemist

ISTPs are known to be brave and practical and can make their surroundings work for them, which is why FullMetal Alchemist, set in industrial Europe with its plethora of tools and concepts like alchemy is the perfect fit for the practical and masters of tools ISTPs. Full Metal Alchemist tells the story of two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric who are in constant search of the philosopher stone which would allow them to heal their bodies after a failed attempt at bringing their mother back from the dead using alchemy. The complex world of alchemy and the tools used, provides ISTPs with the perfect combination of action, fun, and practical thought, making it a perfect fit for them. 


ISFP (Adventurer): One Punch Man

ISFPs are charming creatives who love to explore the world around them, which is why One Punch Man with its hilarious characters like Saitama and quirky storyline is the perfect fit for them.​​ One Punch Man tells the story of Saitama who has the astonishing power to defeat any opponent with a singular punch; this brute force, however, has made Saitama bored out of his mind, and he constantly seeks out a worthy opponent. As ISFPs follows the story of Saitama and his search for a worthy opponent they will surely be engaged by his charming personality and his need to find something new. 

Many of our own students love One Punch Man and all the funny moments it has to offer. 

“One Punch Man has a very good subversion of what it means to be a hero and the strongest, and is a very good, funny story,” senior Ethan Tran said. 


INTP (Logician): Saiki-K

INTPs are constantly in search of knowledge and how to use that knowledge to invent new machines, which is why Saiki-K with its fed-up main character who just wants to be left alone and its humorous plot allows INTPs to relate to Saiki’s pessimistic character while still enjoying the funny parts of life. Saiki-K tells the story of a teenager named Kusuo Saiki who has been born with powers of psychokinesis and teleportation. These powers, however, do not propel Kusuo into the spotlight; instead, he mostly tries to hide it from everyone at school, even when challenged by being put into seemingly normal situations. Saiki’s innovative ways to hide his powers are sure to give the INTPs some to relate to. 


INFP (Mediator): Haikyu 

 INFPs are known to be altruistic, poetic individuals who love helping others, which is why Haikyu with its beautiful storyline, which includes community, sports, and friendship is the perfect fit for  Mediators. Haikyu tells the story of Shoyo Hinata, an enthusiastic kid who has an immense love for volleyball but is always overshadowed because of his short height, and Tobio Kageyama, an overconfident setter, who has yet to find his perfect match on the court. Haikyuu will take the Mediators on a journey with characters as they navigate playing on the same high school volleyball team, build new friendships, and realize their dreams. This feel-good anime with its heartfelt friendships is the perfect fit for our poetic INFPs. 


ESTJ (Executive): Kiki’s Delivery Service

Excellent at managing things and people, Executives demonstrate immense dedication to what they do. Executives actively reject laziness and believe honesty and hard work to be the greatest qualities of a person. Kiki’s Delivery Service tells the story of a young witch, Kiki Takayama, who uses her flying ability and broom to earn a living delivering goods to people around her new town. Takayama possesses an incredible work ethic and logic skills, and she is also one to do modest work to earn money. Takayama’s story tells how her headstrong and unique personality begins to win over the people of her new home. A perfect match for what Executives strive to be, while also remaining a sweet and lighthearted film. 


ENTJ (Commander): Attack on Titan

Charismatic, bold, and authoritative are the qualities that perfectly sum up the Commander. Commanders tend to be people who thrive off using their confidence and leadership skills to accomplish whatever they desire. Always up for a challenge and ready to win at any cost, their determination is admirable. A good fit for the plot of Attack on Titan. People stuck behind the walls on Paradise Island are blind to the outside world and under the belief that they are the last humans left. The people are not yet eaten by the Titans outside the walls. It follows the journey of a main group of characters as they join the military, travel outside the walls, and discover the truth about the walls, the island, and the titans. Deep character development along with a ruthless plot is sure to entertain the Commander. 


ESFJ (Consul): Ponyo

Valuing the importance of sharing, kindness, and good manners, Consuls strive to give the most caring and inviting space to everyone they can. Their altruism and devotion to serving others make them some of the most compassionate and selfless people around. Ponyo, based on The Little Mermaid, is the story of a little boy named Sosuke who befriends Ponyo, a goldfish who escapes the sea and turns into a little girl. After a tsunami floods their coastal town, Sosuke and Ponyo go in search of Sosuke’s missing mother Lisa, and Ponyo’s mother, the goddess of the sea in an attempt to turn Ponyo permanently into a human. 


ENFJ (Protagonist): Naruto

Feeling called to serve a greater purpose in life, Protagonists possess a drive to help the world, to be heroes and helpers to their loved ones. The strength of their convictions and beliefs paired with their sincerity make them phenomenal leaders and trailblazers. All of these characteristics also describe Naruto Uzumaki, ironically the protagonist of Naruto. The nine-tailed fox demon attacked Uzumaki’s home village and took many lives. The village leader Hokage then seals the demon in a newborn, Naruto. After being shunned and orphaned by his village and in desiring acknowledgment, Uzumaki vows to become the greatest Hokage the village has ever seen. 

“Shounen anime is my favorite type of anime to watch. They all have action, but I love the humor and fantasy aspect of them,” senior Yoanna Ramirez said. 


ISTJ (Logistician): Castlevania

Full of integrity and dignity, Logisticians are not particularly flashy or attention-seeking. They do remarkably well under stressful situations and are often drawn to places that have hierarchies and expectations. Castlevania’s plot is deep-rooted in Eastern European tradition as after Count Dracula’s wife is killed after being accused of witchcraft in medieval times, Count Dracula goes on terrorizing human peasant cities in anger. Our protagonist Trevor Belmont, the last member of a family of vampire hunters, seeks to destroy Dracula and his vampire comrades and stop the terror being inflicted across the land. Belmont’s seeking of order, justice, and a calmer world would greatly appeal to the Logistician’s nature. 


ISFJ (Defender): Fruits Basket

Defenders firmly believe love only grows by sharing, a motto they implement into every area of their lives. Striving to create a world of empathy, healing, and loyalty. Always able to be relied upon to remember birthdays, uphold traditions, and special occasions, their efforts always are from a place of genuine kindness. Fruits Basket exemplifies the traits of the defender, as Tohru Honda, a high school student is left alone after her mother passes away in a tragic car accident. She then goes on to stay with the Sohma family, consisting of three cousins, Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure. Their family, unfortunately, has a curse that affects the members of the family and follows the journey of Tohru as she helps the family understand their emotions, and wounds, and potentially helps them break the curse. 


INTJ (Architect): Death Note 

Thriving on strategy, Architects are the epitome of rational thought. Quick-witted and always one step ahead, architects follow reason above all else. They offer truly pioneering and out-of-the-box solutions to the world’s issues; they view life as a chess game, a game won by strategy, wit, and pure intellect. Death Note, a show bound to interest architects is a show renowned for its unpredictable turns, which follows Light Yagami, a high school student who finds a book called the Death Note; Yagami is able to kill anyone when he writes their name down while thinking of their face in the book. As Yagami commits a string of murders, he becomes investigated by “L”, the world’s best detective, as he tries to escape Yagami’s attempts to kill him. With a strategic plot of mind games and Yagami’s idealistic goal to rid the world of criminals, Architects will find this show intriguing to their calculating minds. 

“It really makes you think about what is morally right and wrong, also the idea of who gets to decide what justice is,” senior Avery Maize said.


INFJ (Advocate): A Silent Voice 

Being mistaken often for idle dreamers, Advocates have an extensive imagination and move through the world following their intuition. They can easily feel misunderstood, which fuels their drive to make others feel as loved and appreciated as possible. The gentleness of Advocates perfectly aligns with A Silent Voice. As a young child, Shoya Ishida relentlessly bullied the deaf girl in his class, Shouko Nishimiya. She transfers to another school to escape the torment, and years later, Ishida seeks out Nishimiya as he feels guilty for how he treated her and seeks to mend their relationship. Sensitive and bound to leave an emotional mark, A Silent Voice will reach the heart of Advocates assuredly.