How teachers impact our seniors

As graduation is just around the corner, seniors reflect their time at LSHS and the teachers that inspired them

Selah DeLong, Photographer

Let’s hear it for the seniors! Four years of studying, coming to school early every day, learning and hard work finally come to a close. Though this final year ended up being different for the seniors than intended, graduation is still a time to be celebrated. What made LSHS such a welcoming place? Was it the classes? Friend? Sports? Dances? Teachers? Or all of it? Each student may have a differing view of why school was so great. However, the commonality most students share is the difference the teachers made in their lives. Many times, students are struggling. I’m sure everyone has had their share of difficult times. It’s the people who stick with you through it that make it easier. For some, this may be friends, parents or other family members. For others, it was their teachers.

There were three teachers who truly impacted me. One is Mrs. Ames, she went above and beyond, and when she knew I was struggling with things she was there for me. Second is Hodge, he was also there for me in a time that I was at my lowest. Third is Wiklund, and I know she isn’t classified as a teacher, but she played another big role in my life. She helped me through my ups and downs and my mental health struggles. Her office was my safe place. All three of these people saved my life,” senior Athena Marshall said. 

Recently, I sent out a survey to the senior class, asking them which teacher impacted them the most. I received many responses from students recognizing their teachers’ efforts. 

Mrs. Horn, for being the first math teacher to really help me understand the material.

Mr. Marques, for teaching me probably one of the most useful courses in the high school.

Mr. Merrifield, for just being a chill, friendly guy and putting up with my chatterbox tendencies. All of the aforementioned teachers were very kind, caring, and made me feel like I belonged in their class, as well as made a personal connection with me,” senior Aaliyah Blackford said. 

Anyone can agree that learning comes down to the teacher. Thankfully, these teachers were more than great at teaching. They play important roles in students’ lives. 

“Andy Knutson and Brent Barnes have helped push me in the classroom and on the mat. They helped me grow as an athlete and taught me principles and lessons that I will carry with me the rest of my life. They picked me up when I was down on myself. I am so grateful to have had them as my coaches and teachers,” senior Kiley Hubby said. 

Hubby is just one example of how teachers impact students in more than one way. Many teachers play multiple roles, whether it’s taking the task of also coaching, running a club, tutoring and much more. 

Mr. Flanders. Since sophomore year he said he saw something different in me and took me in under his belt and mentored me along the way. The last three years he’s taught me a ton more than any class I’ve taken in school. Applying what he’s taught me and listening to his advice I don’t think I wouldn’t be [where] I’m at today without it,” senior Noah Brediger said.

Some teachers inspired students so much that they want to follow in their footsteps. 

“I would say having a connection with my teachers [was how LSHS impacted me as a whole] because it shows me how caring they are towards students as I plan on becoming a high school math teacher,” senior Emily Beazizo said. 

Teaching is an honorable thing to do, and students recognize that. I’m sure there are many others with Beazizo, who desire to become teachers because of the wonderful example they got to experience. 

Seniors, as you’re ready to pick up your cap and gown and move on to a different chapter of your life, reflect on who sincerely impacted you during those four years. Who was the person that made the biggest difference in your life? It may not be a teacher. It could be a really good friend, a parent, a sibling, an aunt, an uncle, grandparents, anyone. Whomever it may be, be sure to thank them for the role they played in your life. Even if your teachers didn’t impact you in the ways other students mentioned above, be sure to thank them for being there every day to teach you new things.