Prom for Life Skills classes

Leadership puts together the annual event.


Destiny Otusanya, Staff Reporter

Life Skills Prom just happened last week! What is Life Skills Prom you ask? It’s a party full of a bunch of fun activities that Leadership puts together for all the Life Skills classes.

This year’s theme was Science Fiction, and people dressed up in costumes, played games, took photos, sang karaoke and a lot more!

“My favorite thing about the event was watching the dancing,” senior Elizabeth Stanton said.

It’s a great time for students in different Life Skills classes and students in Leadership to talk and hang out while having a good time.

The event was done earlier in the year this time around, so not a lot of people knew about the event.

“I only heard about it because I was a TA in the class, so I think it would be nice if it was announced,” senior Taylor Olson said.

The LS Prom was moved to February this year since May is a lot more hectic for the Leadership class, especially for the seniors.

“Moving prom to the middle of the year gave us a celebration in the middle of the year when there’s a lull of activity,“ teacher Megan Britton said.

It’s a great opportunity for Life Skills kids to have fun and work with others. Also, a huge shout out to Mr. Billingsley and the Leadership class for making the prom possible!