Make changes to increase sports theme dress-up participation


Courtesy of Tom Mollison

Tropic like it’s hot! Seniors Lily Knoll, Jamie Call, Gabriella Hollenbeck, others cheer on the football team in their tropical attire. “Tropical spirit themes are my favorite,” senior Sarah Fleischmann said.

Showing Viking pride is important to students and staff at Lake Stevens High School. What could be done to increase participation in dressing up to show school spirit? What dress-up themes do students want to see?

Students would like to be given the opportunity to choose the dress-up themes because they would be more likely to participate.

“I would like to see a neon day, pink day, and 90’s dress up,” senior Ashley Reyes-Mora said.

Right now, sports themes are usually repetitive this year: Superfan (28%), blackout (7%) and class colors (7%). However, students feel if they added new sports themes, especially trendy ones, then more students would participate and be happier doing so.

“White lies, dress up as the first letter in your name, and Adam Sandler would be cool,” senior Sarah Fleischmann said.

Senior cheerleader Mallory Osterholtz agrees that more students would participate with trendy themes but expresses her concerns about doing so. Students could take the trends too far and dress inappropriately.

“I think that more of the trendier spirit days like the ones you see on TikTok all the time then more people would participate, but at the same time, it would be hard to monitor,” Osterholtz said.

Currently Madelyn Ask and the student section Instagram have partnered with the cheer and sports teams to come up with the dress-up themes. Student input is an option at the beginning of the school year on @lshsstudentsection Instagram page.

If you have ASB home sporting events are free and for away games you get a discounted price of $5. If you don’t have ASB or are an adult it’s $7, $5 for seniors (at least 62), and elementary or middle school students without an adult (with an adult it’s $7). Tickets are also free for preschool children with paid adults.

Once a team reaches the postseason (Districts, Regionals, State) then all students need to pay to enter.