Lake Stevens football take the WESCO win


Courtesy of Kayshawn Mounarath

Lake Stevens Vikings took home a 48-0 win against Mariner High School in the homecoming game. The Vik’s walk down the high-five line after their victory, while fireworks go off by nearby neighbors. “Our intensity, our ability to play with each other as a group,” Kolton Matson said.

Lake Stevens Football has had a great start to their season, going 6-2 in their season so far. The Vikings persevered through two tough losses at the beginning of the season against Garfield and West Linn to strike back with a four-game winning streak. 

“Chemistry with our team going into this year and having a good bond with everyone,” said sophomore quarterback Kolton Matson, taking us deeper into their season goals. 

In 2021, the football team battled through tough teams and qualified for the State Championship against Graham Kapowskin. Although the end result was a loss for the Vikings, they are looking forward to redeeming themselves this year.

  “Every team is going to be a tough team. Going further into the season there will be tougher teams, going to be challenges we’ll have to overcome,” Matson said. 

This team of Vikings is prepared for anything headed their way and is aware that the rest of the season isn’t going to be handed to them. They will have to battle for it and play their best football to win the state championship.