The dance team makes a breathtaking return

After 7 years LSHS has a dance team once again


Ryah Robinson

Senior Kayla Perkins and junior Brenda Hoist practice their routine for the Homecoming Assembly to be held on October 20, 2017. All dance routines have been choreographed by students, the last two were choreographed by senior Makenzie Heggie. “We are all pretty confident about the new dance routine and excited to perform at the assembly,” says Olivia Quattrin.

After a seven year hiatus, the dance team is back and better than ever. Senior Makenzie Heggie resurrected the team at the end of her junior year with the intent of students becoming more involved. “People can have an opportunity to be involved with school and perform for their friends and family,” club founder Heggie said.

At the start of the year, the team contained twelve girls and after their first performance, the team doubled in size, now with about 26 members.

So far the team has performed one dance and is working on their second, which will be performed at the Homecoming Assembly, October 20. Heggie has choreographed these dances herself, and with 13 years of cheer experience, they come easily to her.

“[I come up with dances] at home, at practices, off time when I’m not busy,” Heggie said.

Between practice and time spent at home, around two to three hours a day are spent perfecting the dance.

There aren’t any prerequisites for joining the team, except for willing to put in hard work.

“With the dance team anyone can join and learn. Even people who are not dancers at all,” sophomore Olivia Quattrin said. Quattrin does not have any dancing experience, but she saw the team perform at the first assembly and instantly wanted to join.  

“I saw them performing at the assemblies and I thought it was something that I really wanted to do. It looked like a lot of fun, like a work out and like they were having really good bonding, so I just wanted that kind of experience,” Quattrin said.

As a sophomore, Quattrin wasn’t very involved with the school yet, but now she is a part of the dance team and is looking forward to performing in front of the school.

Although not all of the members have dancing experience, a small handful do, including senior Brooke Cole. Cole has been dancing at Allegro Dance Studios for thirteen years and counting, making her a perfect candidate for the dance team. Cole is no stranger to performances in front of large crowds, but it is just the beginning of her dancing in front of the school.

“Last year when Kenzie was forming the club, she brought the idea up to me, and I thought it’d be a really fun way to get involved with the school. Also being a dancer myself, I thought it’d be fun to perform in front of the school and meet a whole bunch of new people and have a new group of people to dance with,” Cole said. She decided to start dancing with the team, as well as continuing to dance for Allegro.

Following the Homecoming Assembly, they plan to perform at some of the basketball games during the winter sports season.