Falling Into Fashion, Leaves are changing and so are the trends

Audrey Kristofferson , Online editor

What’s Trending Now
*Crushed velvet
*Bomber jacket
*Lace up shirts
*Hunter boots
*Really ripped jeans
*Lace up shoes
*Slip on vans
*Jean jackets

Fall fashion trends: thick sweaters, lace-up flats, slip-on Vans and jean skirts. For the girl who prefers to dress for comfort, she can easily rock a sweater, jeans and a pair of slip-on Vans. A perfectly chic but comfortable look.
An arising trend has been slip-on vans, one of the most versatile shoes.“Slip on vans are comfortable to wear and you can wear them with everything,” senior Payton Johnson said. Slip on vans have been around for many years, and now they are making a strong comeback. Slip on vans are able to be paired with just about anything, from jeans and a sweatshirt to a T-shirt dress.
For the girl who likes to be a little bit more dolled up, she can pair a sweater with a jean skirt, choker and lace-up flats. The trend of lace-up flats and heels have been staying strong these past few months and appear to be making a cameo this fall as well.
Jean skirts have been all the rage lately as well, looking great on every body type. “Jean skirts are cute,” sophomore Maria Jurvakainen said. Many people have been rocking the jean skirt, and it looks fabulous with anything.
Adding a sweater with the skirt helps keep Northwest girls dressed warmly for the weather.
Fall fashion is timeless, it doesn’t change too much, which is the beauty of it. Sweaters are a major staple in fall and every year more adorable items come into style, perfect to pair with a warm sweater, keeping you toasty in the crisp fall.