Words of wisdom from seniors to the underclassmen

Bailey Polkinghorn, Section Editor

Listed below are some seniors with some things to say, when asked what they wish they would have known, here’s how they responded : 

“Don’t act above school spirit. It’s more fun to participate than to not.” – senior Caleb Schuchard 

“Do your fricken homework.” – senior Kayla Ruffin

“You’re almost done, just put in minimal effort” – senior Matt Brunson 

“Have fun and be nice to your teachers, no one likes a meanie head.” – senior Faith Ayodeji



That is true that no one likes a meanie head, while you’re stuck at the high school for three years it’s best to be nice to everyone to make it go by a lot quicker. 


“Really take your time and appreciate high school.” – senior Cody Demerchant 

“Take advantage of every single event and opportunity given to you no matter what grade you are. Also, don’t be afraid to befriend your teachers and counselors, their job is to help you, take advantage of that” – senior Leo Avelino

“Don’t mess around and stay on top of your work, so you don’t fall behind.” – senior Nicole Ristine 


“Survive.” – senior Valarie Vancleve 





“Get a job.” – senior Bailey Griffin 






“Don’t be afraid to be social and make friends. It’s worth the risk.” – senior Breanna Uptain



“ Don’t stress! I can’t stress that enough! Enjoy high school before you know it, it’s over!” – senior Shylee Berring

“Find your passion and put all your energy into it!!” – senior Austin Schlote







This is true, if you find your passion in life, everything will fall in place after that! Also, if you take your passion and find a job associated with it then working will be a breeze. 


“Make as many memories as you can.” – senior Tiana Bigelow

“I know it might seem far away, but life is just around the corner. Work hard and do all of your work. If you do, you are setting yourself up to have great opportunities in life, and you can really start to see it play out senior year.” – senior Keegan Baker

“Don’t wait until the last minute. Get all your stuff done on time or early and you’ll never have to stress about graduating.” – senior Adam Bogart





“Don’t tell yourself you’ll do it later, ‘cos you probably won’t.” – senior Harley Kayser

“Don’t be afraid to be involved in school activities.” – senior Cheyenne Kreide

“Enjoy your time at this school while you can. It’s an amazing place and I know people go through ups and downs throughout their years here, but it’s all worthwhile because of the people you meet and the experiences and memories you gain.” – senior Bailey Kingsbury 

It definitely has it’s ups and downs at times but the people here are amazing and you will make memories that you will never forget. 







“Don’t procrastinate,” – seniors Hannah Somerville & Jacob Feuz & Kaytlin Reeck

“Don’t take the little things for granted and have fun and stress later.” – senior Wessley Lawson

“Get all your work done on time and don’t let yourself fall behind because catching up is harder than doing the work in the first place.” – senior Avery McIntosh

“Make every moment count, cuz ‘rona, and it’ll be more fun if you do.” – senior Cameron Mefford







“Make friends with your teachers!! It will help you get through it and have a good support system, as well as getting away with cheating haha.” – senior Liberty Molitor

“Do your work, respect your teachers.” – senior Chloe Lerch


“Stay philthy.” – senior Zach Pearson








“Go to almost if not all senior activities, don’t take them for granted, and just try to enjoy your last year being a high school student,” – senior Arielle Paris 

Senior activities are a big one to participate in! They make your senior year a lot more fun and give you an extra chance to make more memories before it all ends, and trust every senior when they say they are sad when it does end.



“Don’t do drugs.” – senior Dallas Landeros

“Don’t be scared of the upperclassmen.” – senior Dan Nguyen 

“Don’t get into drama, focus on school, keep your circle small.” – senior Heidi Ruse

“The biggest advice I’d say is to get involved as much as you can. Honestly, the way that I will always remember my years at LSHS is the people that I connected with through the clubs I was involved with. Try a school sport or join a club so that you can have the possibility to make a difference at the school (And meet some pretty cool new people).” – senior Whitney Partlow

“Have fun and enjoy it while it lasts!!” – senior Kaeden Regellos








“Do your homework and enjoy your time in class.” – senior Christian Pawlak

“Don’t give up,” – senior Adrianne Lord

“Don’t feel like you have to go to college if you don’t know what you want to do exactly. Be smart and pay for it as you go along, so you’re not drowning in debt and so you don’t end up working a part-time job, paying for a degree you never fulfilled. Go to every football game and every dance and ASB related activity.” – senior Stepheni Underhill

“Listen, put a little bit of effort in, and don’t forget to have fun.” – senior Tyler Thurston 







“Finish the year strong and enjoy the school year while it lasts.” – Fernando Villanueva

Definitely do enjoy it while it lasts, It may seem like you’ve been in school forever and you can’t wait to get out but take the time to enjoy your senior year, you won’t regret it.

“Step out of your bubble, make new friends and get involved!” – senior Kylie Foutch 

“Seriously, don’t procrastinate, get yourself community service done ASAP and have fun!!!” – senior Hannah McDermott





“Poirier is the go-to for tampons, not the nurse. Be nice to the lunch ladies and learn their names, ask them about their days, etc. and they’ll give you more food. Stock up your car or backpack with snacks so A) you don’t go hungry, and B) you don’t have to spend money at The Cove. Get to school early or you won’t find a parking spot. When school is out it will take you forever to leave. Join a sport with your best friend(s), it doesn’t matter if you’re great at it, just make memories together. Listen to the audiobook, don’t Spark Notes it.” – senior Brianna Mahan

“Don’t lose focus on school during senior year and enjoy it cuz it goes by fast.” – senior Joe Gonzales

“Enjoy it while you can!!! It goes by so fast!!!” – senior Mclean Long 








“Enjoy your free time while you can, but when you’re getting behind then put everything else on hold to get ahead.” – senior Trent Vigus

“Get connected with the other underclassmen. They open a whole new world of connections.” – senior Kashan Hussain 

“Don’t care what others think, you’ll be gone before you know it lol.” – senior Emily Cleland 







“Talk to the people around you whether you know them or not. Talking to people is a great opportunity to make new friends or making someone’s day better.” – senior Jason Burrow

No one can ever have too many friends! Also if you can make someone’s day better, do it! ‘Cause that’s amazing they will thank you for it.