Expectations vs. reality of senior year

Kaylee Krause, Design Editor

Everyone has their expectations of senior year, whether it be excitement or nervousness. The experience is different for all seniors. We have overcome multiple challenges, we all have different expectations and at the end of the day, we all face our reality.

Senior Liberty Molitor explained that she had expected her senior year to be a breeze, “Sophomore year was by far the easiest,” comparing all three years of high school, “it feels long because you’re just anticipating for the end and it definitely wasn’t a breeze,” Molitor said. 

“Senior year wasn’t like the movies. It wasn’t always going to Chicken Drive-in after school with friends, and it wasn’t always pure happiness. Movies made me think that senior year made all the hardships go away, but it didn’t. In reality, I still had to work hard, for friendships especially, which feels the hardest because you think you’re gonna have all the same friends after high school, but everyone’s growing up and things change. On a positive note though, I had expected to be the same person I was in junior year, but I grew into an adult, and I’ve learned how to have a conversation with an adult as another adult not just as a student,” Molitor said. 

Another senior, Kylee Diltz, described her senior year. “My expectations for senior year was spending my time with friends and going to the beach and doing all the senior events together versus now, the reality is that I haven’t seen my friends a lot and the senior events that we got were fun, but we didn’t get much. The thing that I am most sad about is that I don’t get to walk across the stage with everyone cheering and seeing all that I’ve accomplished,”

There’s no doubt our senior year has a very different reality than what we expected, but we will get through it together as the LSHS class of 2020!