Universities LSHS seniors have their eyes on

With graduation quickly approaching, seniors prepare for the next steps. Do they continue their education or jump right into the workforce?


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University of Washington (UW)! One of the many picks for seniors is the grand UW, full of bright minds and a wide diversity of people. Seniors chose this university for its great medical schooling and its high rankings in universities around the world. “I want to attend the University of Washington because I will get a great education but also they have a great medical school,” senior Katelynn Mounts said.

Kieran Diezi, Section Editor

College is a unique experience for everyone who decides their path is to continue schooling. While some decide college is not for them or have greater opportunities, such as the military, there are those who want to pursue higher education. So, what did LSHS seniors choose for their college path?

Everett Community College (EvCC)

EvCC was one of the top picks for seniors. The school allows for students to choose a wide variety of options, begin a four-year degree and also houses a diversity of students from as young as 12 all the way to 85. Although, most seniors chose it because it’s a cheap option and provides the ability to get a degree.

“I want to be able to explore my options locally and figure out what I like while saving a bit of money,” senior Alexa Conlon said.

For a local college, EvCC provides the best education it can while still making it affordable and close to home.

Out of State

Many of LSHS seniors chose out of state colleges. This includes colleges such as Arizona State University, Utah, Grand Canyon University (GCU), Boise, Whittier in California, Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida and North Georgia. But why choose an out of state college over those in state?

“University of Oregon because they have a great Psychology program and that’s been my goal to get my degree(s) there,” senior Dakota Adams said.

Out of state colleges sometimes offer a better education than those close to home. Even if you choose a local college, there’s always the decision to go out of state and pursue a higher degree or a new experience.

Washington State University (WSU)

WSU is one of the universities one can attend in Washington. With it’s 98 possible majors and a variety of research opportunities and internships, sometimes it’s the best option for seniors looking at college.

“I plan on attending Washington State University because of its physics and engineering programs offered there,” senior Bryssa Montoya- Chavez said.

A large number of WSU’s opportunities have gained popularity over other colleges around the U.S. It provides wonderful medical education, unique opportunities for engineering science and the ability to attend in different locations around Washington.

University of Washington (UW)

One of the many picks for LSHS seniors was UW. It provides the ability to stay somewhat close to home but far enough away that you have an all-new experience. A 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities placed UW at No. 14 and No. three in U.S. public universities. UW has a wide variety of choices but many seniors chose it for its medical field education

“University of Washington to become an EMT/Paramedic,” senior Lauren De Jong said.

UW is a great opportunity for those who want to seek an education close to home, due to its campuses in Seattle and Bothell, along with a new experience with college life.

Western Washington University (WWU)

A school mainly based in Bellingham, WWU is known as being a challenge for many students. It’s somewhat difficult to get into but when you do receive that acceptance letter, there are many things you can expect from the college. While it is small, WWU allows students to have more personal help from professors.

“I will be attending Western Washington University, because of their great environment and art programs,” senior Kalysta Adrian said.

WWU has a unique geographic location. To the west is Bellingham Bay and the San Juans, while to the east is Mt. Baker and the North Cascades. It makes the campus much different in the environment because there’s an opportunity for everyone, from those who like being inside to those who love to explore and be outdoors.

Central Washington University (CWU)

CWU has six university centers and two instructional centers, allowing for students from all over Washington to join the opportunities it offers. In a national ranking of universities offering master’s degrees, CWU ranked 47 out of 250 schools. It’s also highly honored for its diversity, earning an award for it in INSIGHT Into Diversity five times in six years.

“CWU because of their forensics program and track and field,” senior Zackary Smith said.

CWU’s track and field programs are included in the wide variety of sports that are offered. The main point of athletics at the college is to have a program that students are proud to be a part of. They don’t completely focus on teaching students athletics but also focus on life skills and helping guide them to get a good education for them.

College is a different experience for those going from high school. It’s good to choose what is best for you despite the choices of your peers. Go for what you want and what you think is best.