What makes good music and/or artist?

With no real defining outline of good or bad, what do people think makes good music?


Tanner Carr

$uicideBoy$ in Seattle. Scrim, one of his many nicknames, is one half of the $B duo. The two have come a long way due to their Memphis style music and relatability.

Tanner Carr, Section Editor

In music, there are many factors that connect people to it- the production, lyricism, flow, delivery, range, instruments and more. However with no true good or bad, what makes music enjoyable to people?  You should be providing these answers and then your quotes should underscore your assertions. 

Senior Nikolai Gusinsky states,  “I think what makes an artist good is like, good personality, and with their music they talk about their lives and can improve other people’s lives by connecting and creating support for other people,” Many people find their favorite artists by what they do for them emotionally. 

Although some people are bigger into the production, such as simply listening to producers’ instrumentals or the very popular genre of EDM which raves such as Ultra Music Festival can garner 170,000 attendees. Senior Jalen Vo says. “Personally I’m not a big lyrics guy, so I really like instruments a lot,” who uses these instrumentals to compliment his edits. Which you can argue without a good produced song, the vocal points of the song don’t matter if the beat isn’t good or just not there at all. However, some people just enjoy the vocalist.

2019 Graduate, Blake Darrow, is more artist centered, “What makes good music is being able to relate to the song and like, bump to it, you know? Like, vibe with it. And a good artist is being thankful for their followers and stuff like that,” Again, with being able to connect. However he also believes that a good artist will pay respect to the people who are supporting their lives by listening and following.

What truly defines good and bad music? Well, not much more than only what you believe. Is it numbers? How original the artist is? The influence they have? It’s just all down to what you equate among examples given, and more, to what you think is good and is not.